Yewbarrow Woods, Bluebells and Owls

This is my second installment of our weekend away camping, read part one here.  The next day and after we had packed up we set off on the road at 11am.  No quick starts when there is no rush to leave!   Within 2 minutes of driving off, I shouted at Dave to STOP the car.  Look what I spotted:

A gate post with Great Lindeth Woods in the foreground, in the distance, a sea of bluebells amongst the trees.

My quest to find a sea of blue bells is complete!  The Woods didn’t look open access so I took a few snaps and we drove off to our next destination.

It being the sunniest day of the year so far we didn’t really want to go walking exposed in the sun for too long, we aimed for some woods that we could see from the campsite.  The O/S Map showed a few foot paths on it so we figured that it would do.  We found a lay by parking space by the entrance to Yewbarrow Woods, had a quick snack and headed into the woods…

Dave walking up a track with the Robot on his back. It's shaded woodland.

We did catch a glimpse of some more bluebells, but no carpet like before.  We were glad that we opted for woodland, it was so warm and we had a good hike on, it could have been too much.  There were lots of paths and options but we ended on heading up to see the views.  You could see quite a lot of the South Lakes hills in the distance but I failed to get a picture for you.

Brush land of new season growth, blue sky and a few trees. Robot & Dave walking ahead

Going up meant out of the trees though.  I’d bought the Robot a lovely blue hat a couple of days before, so being a good Mummy this went on…  and off… and on… and off…

Dave with Robot on his back, both smiling. The Robot has his cute blue new sun hat on.

and on… and off… and on… and off until we made it back into the woods on the other side.  We really do need to alter the hat so that we don’t lose it.  It’s a good excuse to get the sewing box out anyway!

Robot staring into the camera on Daves back. In the background a sea of bluebells

Considering we were in the Lake District on a warm sunny day we saw nobody at all.  You normally see the odd dog walker but to see nobody is pretty unusual.  It was our special little walk.  I think we’ll probably look to go back here one day as there is still lots to explore.

That isn’t the end of our fun packed do, oh no.  We’d run out of food and drink and couldn’t face the full drive home.  This is our excuse for stopping off at Haverthwaite Railway to have tea and cake anyway!   A lovely little station where a steam engine goes back and forth to Lake Windermere all day.  It’s a haven for a tourists but thankfully pretty quiet while we were there.  The highlight of this though was not the delight of Dave getting to see a steam engine, but look, I got to hold an owl!!!

Family shot with Karen holding a Barn Owl. The Robot looks grumpy, I look sweaty and Dave has a stupoid grin on his face! Oh the joys of writing a description for screen readers!

It’s not the best picture in the world, Mr Grumpy couldn’t quite grasp the concept of owl.  They say never work with children and animals, I say never give your camera to a volunteer Owlist!   That is the end of our weekend.

Diary of an imperfect mum


  1. Sarah Ella (Mumx3x)

    Oh my goodness! I wish I lived closer! I’d LOVE to hold an owl, I am obsessed with them! Tea and cake, too, hehe. We recently found a sea bed of bluebells, in our local woods, they’re SO pretty! It looks and sounds like you had a lovely hike and day out! Lovely post and beautiful photos. xx

    1. isntitpretty

      Thanks, I’d been hunting for bluebells the past fortnight, I just needed to bide my time! Check out if there are any owl sancturys near you, you never know they might let you visit!

  2. Ahhh what a wonderful weekend it sounds like! I am on a quest for a bluebell wood every year. Your Robot is just so gorgeous and I really giggled at the upside down picture…before I read the post I was thinking I must alert you to it but hahaha now I see! And is Owlist an actual word? I love the word Owlist…I think I’d like to be an Owlist.
    Lucy at occupation: (m)other recently posted…Filing Cabinet of FriendsMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      The Bluebells are beautiful, I’ve never really bothered until I read and heard lots of bloggers talk about them. I’ve got my fix now, I may find some more! Upside down picture? I think Owlist is the correct term!

  3. We don’t have any trains where we live (little island in the middle of the sea) so when we took the kids camping in the Lake District a few years ago their very first train ride EVER was on that steam train. Not many kids these days can say that! 😀 The Lake District is such a great place, isn’t it.
    Elizabeth recently posted…One Week Energy ChallengeMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Oh wow that is great. We took the Robot on an old engine as his first train ride. We do catch the train a lot now though. The Lake District is amazing and so varied. We’ve become experts and not going to the tourist hotspots. Good luck with your cycle challenge x

  4. aw this looks so cool to do as a family! We should probably start getting a bit more fit though before trying a walk like this! T_T The pictures look lovely by the way, and the owl?!amazing! 😀 x

    1. isntitpretty

      I’m waiting for the bubble to burst with the carrier, There is going to be a time when he wants to get down and walk… For now though we’ll make the most of our long walks with the backpack!

    1. isntitpretty

      We’ve still managed to keep hold of the had even after this weekends away trip! I love how this country has so many options, I am lucky to live close to some real special ones!

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