Teething and Toilets #abc123challenge

Phew this week has flown past so quickly, I can’t quite believe it’s the weekend already. I’m still revelling in the fun of last weekend! I’m gonna put this down to one thing. Teeth.

Poor baby CABS has had her first two bottom teeth break through and she’s been so unsettled at night all week it’s been hard work. Lack of sleep can speed up time right?  or at least merge all time into nothing!

The other thing is the Toilets! I mentioned the Robot has started toilet training a couple of weeks ago. He’s pretty amazing, no accidents (of note) all week and he’s even gone dry at night! This should totally make my happy days round-up but it’s getting its own mention here.

It’s so strange to only be dealing with one lot of nappies all of a sudden. Good strange! We’ve let the Robot take the lead on toilet training all the way and for him to tell us when he wants to start has been brilliant. Bad timing on a stomach bug last week but otherwise brilliant.

Let’s move on to the rest of my happy moments from last week..

Happy Bits

A moment to reflect on my week and offer gratitude and happiness to my life!

– We took a walk to Lancaster and it ended up being just short of 10 miles. A tad tiring but happy exercise endorphins!

– A lazy day of sorts for Father’s Day around the home, with good one on one time with the kids each. I took the boy swimming and Dave took him to the trains in the afternoon (while I napped with CABS!)

– Spending time with Mum friends

– Fixing my sewing machine making it feel brand new! Look at the 14 years of abuse;

lots fo sewing machine dust clogged up under the main plate of the sewingmaching

– Surviving a low day with old play groups, train rides and beautiful sunny garden time.

– Getting back to the sling library after a few weeks absence.

– CABS enjoying the swing and the Robot enjoying pushing her:

CABS getting pushed on the swing by ROBOT

– A fun day out on the bus with Gran!

– The weather has returned good again!

That’s it for this week. We don’t have loads planned for the weekend but hope to enjoy it as much as we can.

Have a good one


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