Splashing at My Heart

I had the biggest of heart wobbles this morning of such exceptional emotions that I felt a touch compelled to knock my bloggers block on the head and write. Then click publish!

I’ve written a lot over the past month but never clicked publish, the posts never quite feeling right or never quite finished. My heads in a different place at the moment with the blog and I’m okay with that. But for now I write and fill you in on my heart strings…

Of course it’s the kids, most specifically the Robot. I was extremely lucky to have won some swimming lessons at my local pool. We were planning on starting him at lessons after Christmas because he enjoyed swimming on holiday so much. So getting a block of lessons for free just meant we had to start him now.

He’s never not been in the water without us before so both Dave and I have been really anxious behind the Robots back about it all week. The Robot on the other hand has been bouncing off the walls about it all week.

A 3 year old has no concept of what’s about to happen and even right up to near splash time he asked but you’re coming in the pool with me aren’t you? I couldn’t do the change, I sent Dave in to do it because I was all a worry. The receptionist told us just send him in when the whistle blows, you can come back and view from window.

Now thankfully he had a friend at the lesson so he was a little led by her but at 3 years old I couldn’t help but be terrified at the thought of him walking the (2) meters from the changing rooms to the pool to meet an instructor he’d never met, who was then going to potentially let my baby drown!! In my head!!

My heart wobbled to the point of explode with sheer pride at how brave and amazing he is. I looked through the window and saw him bobbing up and down with a float vest on, the instructor had let him go and he was kicking his way to the edge of the pool. He wasn’t drowning, he was smiling and laughing and being the brilliant little boy I know him to be.

And breath.

It’s all going to hit me lots over the next year. He is doing so many firsts and developing at such a quick rate. Nursery school has been an amazing journey for him so far he’s such a confident, loving little boy and I cherish every moment with him.

Needless to say he loved the swimming lesson and we will be going back for at least the next 9 weeks!!

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