Six Sewing Organisers from the book Stitched

It’s oh so Autumnal out there now. The weather is turning colder, the leaves are falling the sky is a wonderful mix of clear blue and stormy grey. It’s my favourite season of the year and nearing the end of October is a sign that the sewalong I’ve been making sewing organisers in with is coming to the end. Six Whole months.

Six Sewing Organisers

I bought the book Stitched by Aneela Hoey on the back of a sewalong I saw to make all the projects in the book. In my newness to the world of sewing along with the people of Instagram I didn’t join in. Then I saw a post from Zena and Stacey about another sewalong to choose six sewing organisers and make one a month for six months. Sold!

Let me tell you a secret, I didn’t make six, I got the bug big style and as ever in my don’t know when to stop world I have actually made twenty-six of the six projects that I chose!

First up the Handy Fold Up Pouch. I wasn’t completely sold on this at first but I use them all the time and they are perfect for gifts. I wrote a post about them here.

a collection of handy fold up pouches in lots of different fabric styles from the book Stitched by Aneela Hoey

The second month took me to making the Big Pouch, two of them. They are pretty amazing, again I was sceptical but they are great for keeping quilting projects all in one place. I need to make another one or two now as I seem to be building a good work in progress pile!!

Two big pouches from the book stitched by aneela hoey

The third month I was meant to be making the drawer units but I couldn’t find the wadding cheap enough for the volume I wanted to make. I had the idea of using them to keep my scraps in order by making a rainbow of drawers.

Well finances and a snap decision to make the See it All Pouch made me fall in love with this instead and I have since made a rainbow of pouches to hold my little scraps in:

rainbow see it all pouches for my mini scraps from the book stitched by aneela hoey

Not following any plan now I decided to make the Boxy Pouch. only one of these mind as they felt complicated. A bit of a fiddle but I love the result and use it to store my fabric:

Now not following any sort of plan that I started with I remember my friend saying she loves draw string bags. As I needed to make her a present I made these bags. I got a thumbs up from my friend for these:

Lastly and a bit of soul searching (otherwise known as asking for help on a decision) I decided to make the Handy Fold Up Pouch. As I’d been making my own little pouches recently I did think I should make this but my oh my it’s my favourite from the bunch:

handy fold up pouch from the book stitched by aneela hoey.  The fabric has feathers on it.

It’s so lovely I’m going to be giving it away to an non expecting swap partner. I love it So much I’m currently making another one and maybe an extra one for someone else!

It’s been a brilliant way to get to know the book by Aneela and it’s patterns. I’m sure I’ll keep making sewing organisers from this for many months because heck why not they’re so darn useful.

Happy sewing x

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