Hello Autumn #HappyDays

This year is going so fast. It’s November this week, the weather is bleak, the sparkly season is hitting the streets and I really don’t know where time is hurtling to. I’m feeling it more so because baby CABS is almost one and I’m not sure how long I can keep calling her a baby, maybe forever.

All the this time last year phrases are rolling out, “this time last year we were waiting for baby”, “this time last year I was basically a house”, “this time last year…”, I’ll do an appropriate happy Birthday post for her next week though because like all the best babies out there she was a week late!!

cabs smiling holding a pumpkin lid

Let’s talk blog a bit. I’m trying ever so hard not blog. This might sound weird but I get torn between blogging consistently with set posts going out weekly. To what I want to be at the moment is a post randomly whenever I feel it. The later is so difficult for my brain to get round. Blogging for me, not the search bots, the stats, the job. One day, for now it is just for me. Me, to focus on the kids! As just discussed, things are moving just too fast.

On to the main man, sorry Dave, it’s the Robot. He’s taken a bit of a back seat on the blog this year, I don’t want his face on my online world anymore, not unless he asks later down the line. He’s been at nursery school for Half a term now, 2.5 days a week and he’s totally blossoming. He’s a little character of screams and learning. The screams of emotion as he learns his boundaries. He’s been a real test for me on that score. All the learning though, it’s marvellous. He loves his numbers, letters and drawing and writing, it’s beautiful to watch. Here are a few proud Mum pictures:

robots drawings

Two Tiny Makes, where eventually this blog will head is going from strength to strength on my new favourite social media platform Instagram. Sewing has become my new go to favourite hobby and I love it and the little community of people I have found over there. I’m loving the physical making and creating. It’s a real mood changer and I’m obsessive about it.

Life when it’s sunny is good. The change in season is really difficult to cope with. Every year my mood plummets, dives and rolls like a roller coaster up and down. I thrive on the good day and struggle on the bad and if you know me or have followed my blog for a while you know I don’t like to dwell on these and often share my happy days…

Happy Days

A moment in the week (or last 3 weeks) to take a look back at some of the happy bits that if I did it weekly would’ve been sentimental bits but today are the day trips:

– Visiting a Castle and meeting up with Dave’s parents. It’s so lovely to see them and getting to play with our lion the Robot.

– Having some home days playing space rockets, moon walks and playing in moon dough.

CABS playing in the tuff spot with moon sand

– Going to an aquarium as a family and enjoying all the fish and playing pirates.

– Finishing my 100 blocks but now have to sew them together:

100 colourful quilt blocks all laid out

– My Dad coming to visit, oh so briefly, but a real treat.

– Having some good Gran days with my Mum. Can’t beat a bit of baking!

– Surviving my first half term. I’ll have to get used to school holidays!!

– A trip on the East Lancashire Railway (again!) with the kids and loving it.

CABs sat on the steam train looking cute

– We climbed a mountain! Hill, but I’m ever so impressed with the Robots stamina as he didn’t ask for a carry until we were almost down again.

That’s all for today, a bit lengthy, but that doesn’t matter does it!! Until next time, have fun and enjoy your happy days xx

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