Coombe Mill Christmas special

Please don’t shoot me! I know it’s August but I really really really want to win a holiday to Coombe Mill!  Not only that, a Christmas holiday!!

Living in North Lancashire, Cornwall is probably one of the most furthest destination I could pick to want to go too. I’m entranced though! I first found out about Coombe Mill a couple of months ago when Fiona invited me to join in her blogging Linky #CountryKids. I’ve been a fan ever since!

The train, the fairy trails, the farm, the tractor all the wonderful scenery and even Farmer Nick!  The best bit though are all the children that they tirelessly entertain week in week out with such an amazing variety of arts crafts and activities. They always look like they are having a blast, probably because they are.

a snowman is waving at you

Why would I like to go there for Christmas? I want to carve a new family tradition, one of thrill and excitement. One where even though its mid Winter we can still enjoy the outdoors exploring new surroundings.

Christmas has been a bit of a non event for me this past 15 years. Now I have my own family I want to grasp back the special things that Christmas brings. The Robot will be 18 months this Christmas, he may still not know what is going on, but why let that stop us!

I have a sneaky suspicion that the Robot will be walking by Christmas and how cool would it be to go and explore somewhere new.

Even if we don’t win the prize to visit Coombe Mill at Christmas I have a feeling we’ll try and visit soon…

In the mean time, for a little bit of extra entry credit I’ve put together a little Christmassy video of what Christmas could be like in 2016… Fiona, I can only apologise in advance for my poor video editing skills and ideas!

No animals were harmed in the making of this video.





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