Peanuts #abc123challenge

P is for Peanuts, because peanuts are small and that is what this weeks round-up is all about. The sun has been shining the air is lovely, the kids have got over their bug or whatever it was, it’s been a pleasure! With pleasurable peanuts about there be no time …

Oh dear Oh dear #ABC123Challenge

Oh dear, we’ve been pretty lucky on the sick kid front this Winter. Only a few colds to really contend with. This week however the Robot and probably CABS too have been a little poorly and out of character. I genuinely have had to feel sorry for the Robot and …

Nice Weather and Good Moods #abc123challenge

This weeks been a big blur of nice weather and good moods. Full on explorer mode as I feel we’ve been on the go all week on adventures that would make some people quake in their boots! Our biggest and best adventure was on bank holiday Monday when Dave got …

Holiday Special – London #abc123challenge

H is for Holiday!  We went to London for a long weekend last week.  It has to be our first proper break away since baby CABS was born and it was well overdue.  The short Winter months with a newborn have dragged and we can see the spring in plain …

The East Lancashire Railway

On a cold and wet January Sunday we jumped in the car and went to visit The East Lancashire Railway. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ll have worked out that Dave and now the Robot have a thing about trains. The steamier the better….

Getting Out

A moment of clarity…  It took till Boxing Day to realise that we were stuck in a bit of a newborn/pregnancy rut. Where getting out was too much like hard work and when we did do the getting out we just did the same old stuff.  Going to the park …

Surviving A Long Train Journey With A Toddler – NO SCREENS!

We’re seasoned train travellers with our little Robot son. He’s 2 and while most our journeys are less than an hour we have destination south coast in our sights. Visiting Family that live across country with a fun-filled 7 hour train journey. Yikes.

With Christmas round the corner quite a lot of people will be considering catching the train to visit family. I figured it would be a good time to share with you a trip I made solo with my toddler back in the Summer. I was a tad daunted to say the least but knew we’d be okay.

Happy Days October 2017

The purpose of this post is to concentrate on all the happy things that have happened over the month. We’ve certainly had some happy moments but being heavily pregnant is starting to take its toll on how happy I can actually feel. I ache now, moving is slow, parent/friend support is spread very thin, poor Dave is juggling work and waiting for that moment I go “I’m in labour”. As of the 29th it’s not yet! I can’t wait… Let’s take a look at some of the happy moments of the past month.

The Wild Trail at Sizergh Castle

The Wild Trail – Sizergh Castle A few of my friends have been mentioning the wild trail at Sizergh Castle is a great free place to go for families.  It was when Abi from the Baby Maze posted a review on her Facebook page with a how to get there …

A Weekend in Wales

We’ve been kind of sucked into a Summer of weddings this year so we haven’t been away on any camping trips or longer holidays. Plenty of day trips, and the weddings themselves have taken us around the country to some beautiful destinations. However I want to take you back to the beginning of July when you could say that the wedding season actually started. We went for a long weekend in Wales.

A Day Trip To Grange Over Sands

It has been a summer of hidden adventures that I’ve not given the time to write about. This is my attempt to break my bloggers block and just get tapping again! Yesterday we had no plans and in the morning I asked the Robot what he’d like to do for the day. His answer was simply “diesel train”.


I’ve got many memories of Bexhill-on-Sea throughout my life. It is the family home of my Dad and even though I didn’t grow up there we visited family often when we were children. Less so in our adult lives but since my Dad has migrated back to his home town the option to visit more with our little family is there.

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Last week the Robot and I took a mini epic solo trip down to the South coast to visit my Dad and the Robots Grandad. We’ve not been down to Bexhill since the Robot was 5 months old and boy has he changed since then. After a 7 hour train journey and 5 train changes we arrived for a couple of days of fun.