About Me

Welcome to Two Tiny Hands, a blog of family loving, outdoor adventure seeking, quilting, crafting and play making.

My name is Karen and I have been writting this blog since the birth of my son back in July 2015.  Since then we have added to our little family with the birth of my daughter in November 2017.  Both Dave my partner and I love going on family adventures and they are made ever better by our children.

While pregnant with my daughter I rediscovered my joy of crafting and sewing and now not only write about my family adventures I will be writing about my crafting adventures and wherever this creative process takes me…

Here’s a picture of our new little family:

Family of four all cuddling chloe on the bed at home

Who are we?

We are an outdoors family, Dave & I have spent many a weekend and holiday walking or cycling around the country. A passion we hope to drill into our children.

Amongst all our adventures I have my own passion of play, craftyness and self development.  I enjoy working out more interesting ways to play with my kids.  Life would be boring if I didn’t have things to do!

Being parents has changed our world.  I hope that you’ll stick around to find out some more.

Why am I blogging?

This blog has evolved because I needed a creative outlet to work with. It encompasses lots of passion for learning and doing, both things making my Mum brain tick! The blogging and quilting community opens with wide arms and swallows you in making you warm and fuzzy! I love it!

**The Robot and CABS are our affectionate blog names for our children**

Mini tour of my blog:

Currently I’m most proud of my linky party #FamilyFun!

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Where to find me:

Instagram: Two Tiny Makes & Two Tiny Hands
Pinterest: Twotinyhands
Twitter: @IsntItPrettyKTB
Facebook: TwoTinyHands

Email: Karen@twotinyhands.co.uk