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This weeks has been a bit of a blur. Week 2 of the holidays are done!  I surprise myself by saying it’s been a blur.  Every blooming week is a bit of a blur at the moment.  Being a little bit or a lot tired all the time, constantly on the go, because I have to!   It’s the last week of the #abc123challenge and the letter Z is done.  If you see me mention this challenge again in the future, 2, 3, 4, 5 years time please remind me that it’s a long slog.  One that at times I wish I wasn’t doing.  It’s been great for focusing on the blog though, keeping something going consistently.  Recording the memories, pushing myself to do something different with the kids.  It makes it feel more worthwhile.

On to the happy bits..

Happy Bits

A moment of reflection in my week taking a moment to look back at all the happy moments from my week.  Few or many I just like to have them.

– Seeing some of my family at flookborough steam gathering and finding a new park to visit on the train in the future.

dave and robot crouched on the ground looking at the old traction engine

– Sewing while dave took the Robot swimming.  I had planned to take him myself while Dave recovered from a hangover but he surprised me by getting up and wanting to go.

– A rainy day turned sunny on a trip into town and we had loads of fun just playing in the market square. I’ve decided to start making mini one minute videos again. Memories:

– A lovely full on day at a summer play group and a trip to the baby lab.

– Another new park visit by train to have a picnic in Arnside. I’m almost always impressed by the Robots stamina up really steep hills!

– The Robot riding a donkey for the first time. He was really good at it!

– Surviving 3 nights in a row feeding and bathing the kids as dave has been late home.  I still love feeding baby CABS.

baby cabs smiling at the high chair looking beautiful

That’s it for this week, Dave has now got 10 days off and we’re going here, there and everywhere for a lot of well and truly deserved mini breaks!  I’ll catch you next week.

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