Ziggety, Zaggety, Zoom!

Ziggety, Zaggety, Zoom! Lets just have some fun. One of the Robots favourite books is Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. One of the witches spells is “Iggety, Ziggety, Zaggety, Zoom” and I thought this would be fun way to end this alphabet challenge.

A witch and magic themed day

We started by making a simple wand with pipe cleaners and a few leaves from the garden

Then with plenty of help from me we made a witches hat with a paper plate sugar paper, a stapler, tape and star stickers. I cut a hole in the paper plate and rolling up the paper I cut and attached it carefully to the plate. My lovely assistant then helped stick stars on it.

a black paper home made hat

He enjoyed casting spells at me at this point. I’m a little offended he wanted to turn me into a frog! I’ll get over it. As with all our craft sessions he promptly got fed up and went to play with his trains for a while.

It was later in the day I asked if he’d like to play potions with me. I gave him two little bowls from our mud kitchen and told him to collect petals in one and leaves in the other. It’s a great time of year for flowers as they are in abundance, so when he started taking whole flower heads it didn’t massively matter!  My garden has survived this.

I got a big bowl to be our cauldron and asked him to start adding bits and bobs in to make a potion. I used green food colouring in water to act as froggy spawn. Mixed with the petals it looks really effective.

a potion of flowers and green goo

A bit of stirring and spell casting later we were done. It smelt amazing in the end but thankfully he didn’t want to eat it!  It was fun being a witch for the day and we finished it off with a reading of Room on the Broom!

Do you set yourself a theme day and just go for it? It’s good fun

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