Yoghurt Pot Yachts

It’s not often I spring the craft supplies out on the Robot. As much as I love crafting and making things myself I often cringe at his ability to just make a mess rather than create something, even a bit like something. I know that’s not the point of being a toddler, getting to do something fun with an adult is the point.  This is why I came up with yoghurt pot yachts.  I needed some sort of play activity beginning with the letter Y for the #abc123challenge and this came to me as an idea on the The Robots 3rd yoghurt of the day, by 10am.  Take a look:

Yoghurt Pot Yachts

This is really simple, I promise and only needs a few supplies.

  • Little Yoghurt Pot
  • A4 foam sheet
  • Wooden skewer
  • Play doh or blue tac ball
  • Scissors

equiment - foam sheet, skewer, yoghurt pot, play doh and scissors

First off it’s time to make a square out of the foam. Fold one corner up so that the edge meets the other. Folding line not essential as is accuracy. Cut along the excess edge as below to make a square piece of foam. Don’t throw away the excess this will become the sail.

folding the foam into a square and cutting the excess

Put the play doh or blu tac ball in the yogurt pot and place in the centre of the square foam. Each corner of the foam needs to fold up to the centre of the pot. With the sharp end of the skewer pierce the foam so you pin all 4 corners together. As below:

piercing the foam sheets corners into the yoghurt pot

It’s a bit fiddly so take your time but it will work eventually. The stick stays in the pot and goes into the play doh or blu tac to hold it in place.

It looks like a little present now. There are holes in the corners but they should be in the air so when the boat is floating it won’t take on water.

Next up the left over foam bit can become the sail by piercing it onto the stick at each end as pictured. Think about this now if so desired you could play around with the shape to create fancier sails.

adding the sail on top

An initial trial run in the bath proves they work so we took them out and dried them to decorate with some newly purchased sticker stars.  I actually let the Robot stick how he wanted for a change! No neat freak Mum having a go.

We filled up the paddling pool outside to give us more space and see how the wind faired with out little yoghurt Pot Yacht duo.

finished yachts with stars stuck on them

There wasn’t a huge amount of play time with these, creating them took all the time..  A bit of wafting a plate to make them sail around faster. Drowning them and filling them with water to pour out.  Attacking them with helicopters. Abandoned to go play with something else.  I am sure that they will be played with again so I have left them out.

I’m no sort of kicking myself I didn’t make yellow yoghurt pot yachts!  I wonder if I should try sailing them on the canal or if that will just lead to littering…

Hope you can have a go with your own yachts this summer.

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