Yes I Will Play Trains With You #abc123challenge

Week one of the school holidays done, five more to go. The words “Mummy, will you play trains with me?” Are very much engrained into my head leading me to much dread.

They don’t really prepare you for the summer holidays with two little kids. They rip away your play groups, send your social network into disarray then to top it off add big kids to your usual tame attractions making it unsafe for an un-expecting three-year old! Even the park isn’t safe!

Never mind though it could be worse, it could be really hot! No wait, it is really hot!! We shall survive, as I said, only five more weeks to go… onto the Happy Bits

The Happy Bits

A moment to look back on my week picking out some happy memories to keep me sane:

– A beautiful back to bed lie in. This is the sort when you are forced up at 5.30am but then get to go back for 3 hours an hour later.

– A wonderful day of hill walking up Arnside Knott and Bob In Cafe, followed by ice cream. The kids enjoyed swing together and the Robot loved playing and running around with us.

robot diggin at the sand

cabs and robot swinging and laughing on the swings

– Laughter in the bath.  It’s so cute when baby CABS gets laughing hysterically and this is normally aimed at the Robot being silly.  A couple of times this week.

– Found some ripening blackberries on a walk I was doing with baby CABS solo.

– Coming up with Yoghurt Pot Yachts. A finer point in my week that the Robot enjoyed.

– A clean sand pit.  Plus a little picnic with my Mum where we got up to some  horsey fun with the kids.

cabs rding robot like a horse

–  A nice day with friends.

– The Robot coped beautifully in a 2.5 hour traffic jam standstill on the motorway. It was hell but he was so good. I’m glad I packed snacks!

– Baby CABS taking a 3.5 hour nap, this just made life easier while I had no plans with the kids.

– An early Friday finish for Dave meant a little bit of time for me to do some self compassionate sewing in front of the TV for an hour followed by a nice stroll round the block during the kids bath time.

That’s it for this week again, always a pleasure to share with you. We’re hopefully heading to Cumbria Steam Gathering this weekend but the weather looks a tad rainy. I think this will be very welcome!!


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