Yellow Sensory Box

A few weeks back I dyed some rice with the intention of using it for some sensory play.  I totally didn’t blog about it though so I’ll give you quick instructions now.

Get a bag of cheap white rice, put in a bowl. Get some food colouring (I used the stuff in tubes) add a few drops. Mix it up so all the rice us coloured. Add more colour if necessary.  Spread the rice out on baking parchment to dry out. It stores well in a zip lock bag.

It’s surprisingly simple, I made 3 colours.  Today however we are working with yellow as it week Y of my ABC challenge.

Learn colours with a coloured sensory box. Coloured rice with lots of yellow toys inside.

Yellow Sensory Box

Sensory boxes are something I’ve seen a lot of on Pinterest.  If you want to follow an awesome messy play board or two come and follow me.

A box with things in to stimulate play in little people using a variety of senses.  I totally just made that up and think that it sums up what I believe it is!

My Yellow sensory box contains 500g of yellow rice and anything remotely yellow out of the Robots toy box.  It’s surprising how many yellow things we have.  I hid the things amongst the rice and got ready to play.

robot playing in a plastic container of yellow goodies

First of all I think the Robot has a sixth sense or something as he seems to know how exciting this play is.  They box is ready high up on the table and you can tell he is itching to get at it.   I also put out the big wipe clean table-cloth on the floor too which I think is always a bit of a giveaway that something fun is about to happen!

Sight:   From the off this box is bright and colourful, the colour of summer (not British), it is very appealing.

Touch:  The best thing EVER!  Well I can only assume this is the case as he’s got his happy face on and proceeds to send the contents of the box flying back and forth.

Sound:  Using rice is a good idea, its small and it makes a pretty awesome sound when moved around.  All the bigger bits too to bang together and make a noise.

Taste:  I trust the Robot not to eat things that he’ll choke on and as this is rice and his toys there isn’t anything that can do him damage.   He of course tasted the rice.  A few times, I can only think it tasted nice.

Smell: Not really a smelly activity this time, did you see my vinegar and xantham post last week?  That did smell horrible!

Plastic container of yellow goodies all over the floor

Once I put the camera down I really got involved with playing with the Robot and showing him how it’s done.  I love how he copies me and I really think he’s becoming better at play because of it.   I showed him how to drop the rice into the containers and how it made different sounds on different things.  We built towers with the bricks.  I gave him a wooden spoon to have a go at mixing.  I’m finding it all really interesting!

The one thing he didn’t help me with though is the sweeping up, thankfully I put the mat down and I was able to save a lot of the rice for another activity.  It should keep for months.

As this was a colour focused activity I have been using and pointing out yellow things all week. He’s still a little young to know what I am going on about but I think eventually it will pay off and he’ll get to know his colours quickly.   Hey I might even start a new challenge and see how many colour activities I can fit into one week!  Watch this space!

I always like to hear of others doing sensory play, please tell me if you do this too?  Do you have much success

#ABC123 is a challenge I have set myself to complete 26 weeks of posts, every week a different letter of the alphabet.  This week is the letter Y for Yellow Sensory Box.

Do you fancy having a go at the #ABC123 Challenge?

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  1. Oh this is just wonderful – coloured rice is one of my favourite things. All of the yellow just looks lovely together. I always want to try adding a flavouring to it but then chicken out – this feels like it should be lemon scented! #SharingtheBlogLove
    Samantha Free recently posted…Eltham PalaceMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Flavouring definately would add that last sense in wouldn’t it? I’d not thought of Lemon for yellow suprisingly, I thought about adding Tumeric to enhance the colour of the rice a bit. I’d worry lemon would make it sticky but it’s worth a go!

  2. My kids have always loved doing sensory bins! They are great for my little girl that has CP as well. My 7 year old still loves it when I get a bin out. These bins really do help keep them happy and entertained the longest! Thanks for sharing at #ablogginggoodtime

  3. This is such a lovely idea and sounds like it went down really well! I tried lots of sensory type things with my son when he was little but he hated any kind of ‘touchy’ activity sadly. He’s got much better now he’s a toddler though, and we’re all about the water / play doh / painting! Thanks so much for joining us again at #SharinghteBlogLove
    Katy – Hot Pink Wellingtons recently posted…#SharingtheBlogLove #9My Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      You mentioned last week that your son hated touching slime so least he is getting a bit more explorative with the water and play doh etc. We’re yet to try out play doh so we shall see how it goes! 🙂

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