Xtreme Torture #abc123challenge

Life has got the better of me this week and the blog has not for want of trying taken a back seat. I have half written blogs coming out of my ears. The week X that we are in has failed! Oh well.

I’m blaming the torturous sleep I’ve been getting. Baby CABS has well and truly hit a big 8 month leap in terms of development and is waking hourly at night. I know it’s just a phase but after 2 weeks of really rubbish sleep I’m starting to crumble!

Thankfully Dave gave me a massive back to bed lie in this morning that means I’m back on an even keel again. It meant this blog is going out late and I’m writing it in a cafe while the boys play at the park but heck that’s ok! On to my Happy Bits..

Happy Bits

A moment of reflection looking back at some of the happy moments from the last week.

– My brother and sister in law came to visit for the weekend with a baby bump. It was amazing to see them and can’t wait to meet baby later in the year.

– Baby CABS is just learning and growing loads. She’s commando crawling and exploring all over. She’s adoring the Robot and will follow him everywhere, much to his annoyance!

cabs looking at grass

– We had a day in the Lakes with my brother. We took a ride on a steam train and a boat. The Robot was in his element!

on an old train all 4 of us are staring out od the window

– Our adventure in the Lakes took us for picnics and parks. Two of the Robots favourite P’s. We also discovered the Robot eats peas too so we’re winning!

robot on a spinning thing at the park

– I revisited the farm again this week with soft play and free scones. Glad I did because it’s cancelled for the holidays now!

– We have last play grouped to the max this week. Making the most of them before the looming 6 weeks holiday.

– A picnic at a new park with the Robots mates as a last play group farewell. Always a pleasure.

– I am thoroughly enjoying the 100 Days, 100 Blocks Challenge

– Had my first official messy play with baby CABS and the Robot together. I made them some slime and they enjoyed getting messy followed by a big splashy bath together.

– Gran to the rescue on Friday letting me have an afternoon nap with CABS while she took on the Robot. It made me function a little bit more. Heres a photo of Gran and Granddaughter together courtesy of my brother. He caught some brilliant photos of us all while they were visiting.

CABS is looking at Gran

That is it for this week. I am sure I’ll be back on blog form again next week. Only 2 more weeks to go of the #abc123challenge and then I can sigh a huge relief!  Fingers crossed that baby CABS starts to sleep a bit better or I’ll be finding this whole process a no goer!

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