Wildlife Weave

As part of The Wildlife Trusts #30DaysWild challenge I’ve decided to get creative.  I’ve made a Wildlife Weave.

30 Days Wild counter 23

I collected up a few different wild flowers and grasses. Four fern leaves are crucial, everything else is changeable to what is available.

Collection of wild flowers and ferns

Very carefully you can plait the fern leaves into a long stick. I then used string to tie four corners together.  I tried just using grass but it didn’t hold.

Ferns plaited into a square picture frame

Then using long grasses you can create a grid to weave in. The folds on the fern will hold the grass in place. Once you have a loose grid you can weave in some flowers.

Here is my finished result:

Wild flowers weaved into a picture

Hope you like it?  I left it hanging on a stone wall for all to see!  Have you been getting creative in the wild?


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