Wildlife Ice Age Sensory Play

Wildlife Ice Age Sensory Play - Playing with ice cubes is just another fun way to engage your child what better way to theme it than with wildlife toys!

Wildlife Ice Age Sensory Play

We had a go with Ice cubes when the Robot was a little bit younger and he really enjoyed it. It was cold and fun. I used squash in some of the cubes and he really enjoyed sucking at them.

However this time I have decided to have a bit of fun with his toy figures.   I picked up a load of animals from a charity shop and I thought these would be perfect to create a bit of a Wildlife Ice Age.

A little bit of prep for this activity in advance is needed.  You can’t make ice in 5 minutes, but you can make the cube up at nap time and stick it in the freezer for the next day.  In my case though I think it was the following week.

Here’s how it’s done in bullet step by step form:

  • Grab a largish container.
  • Pour water in container.
  • Colour water with food colouring (if you want it green like I did)
  • Put animals in the water.
  • Put lid on container.
  • Hide container at the back of the freezer.
  • Forget about container for a week.
  • Have to explain to your partner why there is a moldy looking container in the freezer.
  • Explain away, you are sane really.
  • Put back in the freezer for a day when it’s you and the kid at home alone.
  • Pull out of freezer.
  • Extract large ice cube from container.
  • Realise it’s not so easy.
  • Defrost it slightly with a little running water.
  • Tap it on the counter.
  • Hand to child.

That’s it.  As simple as that.  Here is how we got on.   First we have my spectacular green ice cube before it got in the hands of the Robot:

Green ice cube with wildlife figures inside

Last time I tried ice we just used a bowl straight onto the carpet.  Now at 15 months the Robot is bit more mobile so I figured lets put the wipeable mat down and the ice in a container.  That’ll work.  Not.  He climbed into the container with the freezing cold ice water.    Mummy needed to rethink this fast.

Robot climbed into the container to get at the icecube

A quick think later and I came back with a towel.  Putting the ice and the Robot on the towel for him to set to work trying to get his animals out of the ice.

Now, I don’t know if you have ever worked with a 15 month old before?    My advice would be don’t, they have the attention spans of gnats!   There was no way this little Robot was going to sit and play with the ice while it dutifully melted enough to get the animals out.   I had to entice him back with a hammer:

Smashed ice on a towel

It worked.  Well, sort of.   If all else fails at the end of the day you can always try eating it while sitting in wet pants.


We enjoyed this one.   We hope you did too?


  1. This was hilarious to read, your humour is so much like mine. Attempting to convince those around you that you are sane even if you have done something abnormal it is ALWAYS for a good reason!
    Must remember this ice trick for when little-un is bigger!

  2. I love the idea of this series and the linky to go with it! Its something I’d love to do more of myself with the little ones and this could be good motivation to actually get going. We currently go to baby sensory classes to get our sensory fixes, but lots of these things could so easily be done at home too so I should really make more of an effort! Look forward to seeing the series and linky once they are out and hopefully joining if I can get motivated! Emily #FamilyFun

    1. isntitpretty

      Well I hope to motivate too. We didn’t have any sensory classes near me when my son was really little and he’s a bit too big for the one that has started recently. Hope to see you at Mess and Play one day soon!

  3. What a great idea Karen. I always feel like I should do more messy play activities with the kids but then I think about the mess (which never used to bother me by the way) and I have little panic attacks. I am going to challenge myself though and hopefully by next month have something to link up x #familyfun
    Pat – White Camellias recently posted…Living Arrows 41/52My Profile

  4. Lmao! “Moldy Tupperware in the freezer” my husband has just stopped asking questions. A fun ice sensory one that is my go to; crushed up snow cone type ice, clean squirtable ketchup bottles with colored water in them…animals are optional. Half hours of fun

  5. I’m really sorry I thought this comment had worked the other day but apparently not!!! Here it is anyway:
    I love the idea of the linky! I always feel a bit guilty when I read these posts on your blog though, Karen, as I don’t do anything this exciting with TM! I really should, this one looks fairly simple even for me. He’s not got a good attention span though so I am always loathe to spend a lot of time setting an activity up that he only plays for a few minutes! #FamilyFun
    Ellen recently posted…A tribe, a thank you & a reason to blogMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      I hear you on the attention span. It can feel a bit like that sometimes but I think as he gets older he’ll get more into it. When rob was that age he would just be off in a shot so I am happy to keep him entertained a bit now he’s older.

  6. We have the same tablecloth #kindredspirits. This is a really nice simple idea – my daughter might be a bit old for this but I do like the idea of trying a different activity each week. I’ve got one planned today – if I write it up I’ll defo add it to the linky.

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