Wicked Uncle – A Birthday Surprise – Part Two

On Tuesday I shared an exciting post from my Brother, aka Uncle Alex to the Robot: Wicked Uncle A Birthday Surprise Part One.  He kindly made a video review of the Wicked Uncle website in order to buy his nephew a pretty awesome 1st Birthday present.  You’re back here today though to find out what his birthday present was, right?

The present arrived when we were out, very typical.  So early the next morning I walked to the sorting depot to collect our parcel.  It wasn’t small so while walking back up the hill I was glad that I’d left the Robot at home with his Daddy.

Back at home and the first thing the Robot did was climb on the box:

Robot kneeling on the box loking at the camera smiling. in his stripey pyjamas

My brother and Cedric the dinosaur made a pretty classy video and I feared that I wouldn’t be able to match him in his prowess of video making.  Up my sleeve though I have my Robot and he is adorably cute and can make any shoddy home video appealing!   So without further a do, here is our present from Wicked Uncle Alex:

I couldn’t resist throwing in a bit of wrapping paper and box action mid way through.  As the saying goes, when they are that little they enjoy the box more than the present!  I wasn’t keen on speaking up on the video as I sound like a small child on camera so just incase you’re not sure of what our gift was it’s a Alligator Push Along – Chomp & Clack toy.  I am really impressed with it, this is the first time the Robot has walked along on his own, so I am a little proud!

Wooden alligator push along toy in the foreground, Robot sat behind looking on

Needless to say the Robot likes it too.  We had a brilliant 1st birthday yesterday and one very happy little boy.  I want to say a big thank you to Uncle Alex and Wicked Uncle for making sure it was extra special.  We received a 2nd Wicked Uncle package later in the day from another relative, but you’ll have to wait and see what that was another day!


Disclosure: Wicked Uncle gave us a voucher for their online store in order for us to write this review.  I passed this to my brother who has spent it for us… All opinions are our own!




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