Who knew! Mothers Day and more

While pondering my blog and working on schedules and post ideas I decided, for hopefully my sanity, that I wouldn’t post on a Sunday.  Why a Sunday, I’m not religious it’s certainly nothing to do with church! It’s not even to do with work loads or house work. Sunday is a day I hang out with my boys, go for walks, have lazy lie ins, eat nice food, why not have family time when none of us have stuff in the way, precious time.

Family time in the woods
Thought full moments in the woods, walks with the family.

While getting to know this wonderful world of blogging I have stumbled across a lot, who knew what a linky was, I didn’t till a fortnight ago! I’ve successfully participated in my first linky posts;  #BloggerClubUK and #HappyDaysLinky. There is also a lot that I’ve bi-passed for now.

Most importantly, the reason for writing about this, is there are other people out there who take part in #SilentSunday.  Whoa, I’ve decided to be silent on a Sunday off my own back! It’s either a phenomenon or just one of those things.  Looking into it more I like #SilentSundays.  Post a picture, no words, that sum up the week or day. That is wonderful, I like this idea, I’m going to join in.

Tomorrow is Mothering Sunday, it’s my first one. I’m looking forward to it, getting to see what Dave comes up with, let’s face it the Robot is too young to do anything, so it’s all on the big man in my life!  I put in a massive hint of I’ll be happy with flowers and getting to spend quality time with you both!

He listened I think as we’re spending this evening away at YHA Earby and have tomorrow for walking and exploring!  Wish me luck and I’ll check back on Monday with the results.


  1. Hi Karen, spending time with the family is way above blogging. I usually only blog first thing in the morning on a Sunday, whilst the family are sleeping (being an early riser has it’s benefits). Also spending time away from the blog is often inspiration for a blog post…. I love that photo of a Bluebell, so pretty.

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