White Snow Winter Sensory Box

White Snow Winter Sensory Box

This is the first sensory box that I’ve made since owning my tuff spot and I’ve chosen the colour White because it’s Winter and we’ve had no SNOW!  I love to use rice in my sensory boxes and choosing the theme of white has been the easiest to do.  The rice doesn’t need to be coloured like the red and yellow boxes that I’ve made in the past!

Having the tuff spot meant it was even easier to contain the mess. The coloured sensory box is my friend as it’s easy to set up.  I literally find anything from the toy box that is the colour that I’m going with.  I must admit we don’t have a lot of white toys but I extended my search into the craft box and found some love hearts and a rubber.

My white sensory box

We also had a load of white tissue paper that I used to cover the box and scattered the extra hearts around the outside.  The idea behind this was that it would add extra interest to the sensory process.

The White Box covered with White paper

As ever with these projects I set it up while the Robot isn’t in the room.  One day I know he won’t nap anymore and I’ll have to adjust my work practices but for now nap time works for set up!  Let’s see how we get on…

Robot diggin into the white box

The Robot was straight in and pulled the tissue paper off to find out what was in the box.  Scattering the rice everywhere and chucking it in the air.  He’s really into his Duplo at the moment so when he found the white Duplo bricks these took up a bit of time.

Robot up close playing with the white

When the Robot gets to a certain stage the appeal of the box starts to get a bit boring.  This is when I introduce new items like bowls, spoons and ladles so he can play in a different way.   We had the radio on while playing today and he took great delight in banging the tuff spot so that the rice jumped in time to the music.

Then the box came in handy too, we tipped it upside down and started to use it as a drum.  If we picked up the rice and sprinkled it on the drum it makes a cool noise.  Banging it also makes the rice jump, this was a bonus.

Robot Playing Drums on the box

The next stage was to sit in the box.

Robot sat in the box

It seems that children like sitting in boxes and it makes me want to get the cardboard box out from Christmas to let him play with again!

Every time I blog about using rice I mention about how easy it is to tidy it up.  It really is easy to tidy up.  It’s dry and you can just sweep up the majority of it back into a bag for use again, even from a carpet.  What doesn’t get picked up can be hooverd up.  Put all the toys back in the toy box and your job of play is done!!

It really is fun, simple play.

Have you tried playing with rice yet?  Have you got any other colour inspired play activities that I can try out?




    1. isntitpretty

      Yup that black thing is a tuff spot, you can get them in different colours too… I’ve not deviated from rice yet because I bought loads of it to play with but will extend my play to other dried goods as and when the rice runs out!!

  1. I am a little confused. So did you actually make fake snow (and if so, recipe please) or are you using rice as snow? I am going crazy. It’s been raining pretty much every day and I need new activities. I use rice for what I call a “Rice & Rocks” sensory play. Will write about it at some point. Maybe tag it to Mess and Play 🙂

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