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Wow this week has flown past! This is another attempt to get myself back into the swing of writing a weekly round-up post in preparation for the #abc123challenge in a couple of weeks time. I guess only my family really read last weeks post because it remains pretty unloved. Given that though I did decide months ago that this blog was for me and my memories and if only the few read it, I’m ok with that!

Happy Bits

Things I’m grateful for in the week, memories, day trips and general happiness.

– I braved a trip to Lancaster on the train alone. It was a Saturday, Dave was working and I needed an out. All we did was go to WHSmiths for a sticker book and get a milkshake from a cafe but it was enough entertainment to fill a few hours!

– The Morecambe Bay Sling Library Christmas meal out.  I took CABS along and she stayed asleep the whole time. It made it a lovely evening with friends.

– We went to visit East Lancashire Railway.  I will write that post up soon! Very much a boys choice, CABS and I tagged along for what was probably our first “proper” family day out as a family of four!

Karen and robot looking out of the train window onto a snowy platform

– CABS – We are getting all the smiles now and she is getting really chatty. Makes me smile all the time.

– The Robot – can’t be happy about CABS without being happy about him! On the other hand though I’m finding him hard work, but he’s 2 and not the centre of attention anymore. Considering this he is doing amazing!

– On a middle of the night feed I found a junk email from my new sister in law that had been sent a month ago with links to the wedding photos from August.  What a treat!

– My Tuesday playgroup is my saviour.  All my usual go to friends have slightly older kids who have just gone to nursery. Tuesday is not the case, so it’s nice to catch up with them all.

– We made it to the park! I can’t wait for the warmer weather. The Robot spotted the moon.

– Little CABS now weighs 11lb5oz.  Still amazed you can grow a person with breast milk! She also had her jabs this week and coped marvellously.

– Robot free day! Dave has worked a few weekend days recently so took the day off mid week and took the Robot off for the day. I loved hearing their stories of what they did when they got back. It makes me realise that when we talk about our day for Dave that he genuinely enjoys knowing!

– My Robot free day meant spending it with CABS, what a difference to be with a baby alone.  I got to sew! Some secret sewing and I made a thing on the sewing machine:

A post shared by Two Tiny Makes (@twotinymakes) on

– Quilty friends are the best of friends. The quilting community on Instagram is full of random acts of kindness. Corenne from @ticketzamboni went out her way to send me loads of fabric scraps for an I-Spy quilt I want to work on.  It’s amazing.

– A fun-filled Friday, we jam-packed it with dancing, library and farm visit.  A lovely treat in the fact that Dave wasn’t working so he came to the farm with us. The Robot has discovered they have racing cars, I have been avoiding these for the past year.  Thanks Dave!

Robot and Dave on a race car - pure delight on robots face!!

There end my happy bits.

What Next?

As with my dilemma last week I still think that I need to add something else possibly quilty to my round-up post to make it extra special. Maybe things I’ve spotted that I love or want, a favourite person, maybe something quote like or poignant!  I am not sure, what do you think?

I’m having a good old family day today and heading to my Mums for a sleepover on Sunday.  It should be a good weekend.  Hope you have a good one.



  1. This is a lovely little roundup. Sometimes the simplest things can make a day so much better. Often my husband has to work at the weekend and being cooped up with the kids can be hard so we often head out for a long walk or go into town. This weekend we braved soft play and managed to waste a whole afternoon! Thanks for hosting #familyfun xx

  2. I really liked your Saturday Shine post so can’t believe I hadn’t commented – sorry! You are amazing the amount of stuff you are doing not – doing lovely things with the little ones, sewing, quilting, blogging Instagramming – just wow! And you got out for a night out! Hats off to you. I bet Dave and Robot loved their Daddy – son day together. I remember my eldest’s behaviour (towards me, never the girls) was tricky in those first few months of having twin sisters but he got back on track again – it’s only natural I suppose (but very hard for us!). Take care – great round-up post. #familyfunlinky xx
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