What’s in a Stash?

When I started my little journey into making things again I never really realised that I would suddenly become addicted to fabric…  I mean I have always loved it a bit but burying myself into the world of creativeness on Instagram I have fallen in love with some beautiful fabric.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I am very poor I would buy it all, all day long, forever. Stroke it, sniff it, fall in love with it even more.  Obsession.

I follow some pretty amazing crafters and makers over on Instagram and they truly create some amazing things. They also have an endless stash of beautiful things!!   Note: Jealous.   After the birth of baby CABS I realised I totally missed my birthday a few days before.  This was a perfect excuse to buy myself not only a birthing present but, darn it, a birthday present too.  You really don’t feel like celebrating a birthday when you’re a week over due with a baby…   I spotted a fabric advent calendar.

Collection of lots of different fabric fat quarters!

Yup, you heard me, a fabric advent calendar.  Amazing.  The lovely Paula at Sew Yellow lovingly made up advent boxes of fabrics with a little surprise fabric fat quarter or similar each day.  In the space of December I suddenly started to build up a little stash of fabric.  I figured, because I hope you’re interested, I would share some of my favourites with you.

To start with a bit of Dashwood Studios. Various prints. I seem to remember having a sharp intake of breath when I opened the acorns. It’s so pretty!  The Serengeti charm pack probably wouldn’t have been a top choice for me but the challenge now will be to find a use for it!

Dashwood fabrics

Not only the prints above I have more Dashwood, flurry and twist charm packs and a plain fat quarter. It’s so nice to have a mix of colours to play with now!

Dashwood Farbics

Next up a bit of Rico Designs. I love all the little drawings and they have sort of inspired me along with my sketchbook challenge this month.  This fabric will be great for some fussy cutting and hexies!

Rico Designs Fabric

Robert Kaufman up next with the so cute “penned pal” teddy and all that Kona Neon which I have already started to slice and dice. If you go spot my Instagram feed you’ll see what I’m up to.

Kona Neon solids

This is where I let you into a little secret… it wasn’t just the advent calendar that I got in December.  I took part in a little Christmas sew along which meant buying some Christmas fabric (not pictured).  I fell in love with some bits from Riley Blake.  These fat quarters accidentally fell in my shopping basket too!

Riley Blake Fabrics

All the wonderfully rainbow creations on Instagram also made me want something varied for my stash.  I saw these cute fat eighths from Alison Glass Sun print collection. I can’t wait to start cutting them out!

There are a few more fabrics kicking about in my collection that I’ve not shown you but it’s not because I don’t like them I just don’t think I can continue photographing and listing this for you to see!  These were my favourites for sure!

Now for the non quilty people, I bet you’re asking; fat quarter, fat eighths??  What the heck, is that some sort of disco place for oversized people?  Nope, it’s a useful measurement of fabric.

A fat quarter is 1/4 of a yard (aka almost a meter). It’s a great often affordable, useable size for quilters and patchwork.  The fat eighth is a half a 1/4.  For me and my Alison Glass material, even more affordable!

There you have it, a little look into my fabric stash.  I do hope I am not the only person obsessed with all the prettiness of fabric!?



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