What Ever Next Activity Day

What Ever Next by Jill Murphy is one of the Robots favourite books and when I asked him to select something for an Activity Day he picked this one out.

An activity day you ask? A day themed out on a particular thing. This one being all about whatever next? A story about a little bear who “flies” to the moon for a picnic and back again. A perfect space themed day ahead!

We started the day with these printable rockets from crafting is my life. The Robot enjoyed colouring them in but was unprepared for the fact that they are really really fun to play with.

Robot colouring in his rockets

Finished colouring in rockets

With a tube and a straw you can blow your rockets in the air and we had great fun with this for ages or at least until the baby woke up again!

Eager to get us out the house I then fabricated a story about going for a moon walk that may or may not have ended in going to buy chocolate buttons. We had bread leftover too so we took ourselves along the canal to feed the space ducks:

Robot feeding the ducks

Yup, you heard that, space ducks! You can get a lot of mileage out of things by sticking the word space in front of it. My three year olds mind is full of aliens and monsters so these space ducks fit right in.

Home and warmed up with a mighty meal of cheese on toast we set about our next mission. Glittering Moon Sand. Moon sand is a fab taste safe toy for the little people. It’s normally something I’d make myself ready to play but this time the Robot helped me.

1 part oil to 8 parts flour. I used vegetable oil as that is all I had but you can use baby oil too. Being in space we did add glitter too and made it sparkly! The mixture should crumble to sand but have the ability to stick together to make shapes like you would with wet sand.

Robot playing with his moon sand

Baby CABS enjoyed playing in this too and they both got thoroughly messy but being flour it rubbed off easily and hoovered up off the carpet well. It means the floor has been a little glittery ever since.

A fun activity day all round and many more to come!

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