What do Bloggers do when the Internet Fails? Part 3

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We left you Sunday morning having driven to my Mums to use her internet connection.  It’s been a week since we lost our phone line and in turn our internet connection.  Here are some of the high lights of what we’ve got up too:

  • Been for lots of long walks on the canal
  • Tidied my garden up
  • Drove to Mums for a sleepover
  • Went to the dentist (I need 2 fillings!)
  • Ate McFlurrys by the Sea
  • Spent time at the library blogging
  • Had lots of early nights and lots more sleep
  • Had my hair cut
  • Handed in my notice (I’m a stay at home mum now!)
  • I made cushion covers for the Robots room
  • We watched a DVD – In to the The Woods
  • We walked up Old Man of Coniston in the Lakes
  • I broke my no post Sunday rule

I knew my Mum would be out most of Sunday morning so I made the most of her house.  I raided the chocolate cupboard and set to catching up on some blogging things.  My Mum doesn’t quite understand what blogging is and how addictive it is.  She has accused me of being obsessed and that I may be ignoring her grandson.  I took it to heart a little so when she arrived home I put the computer away and had lunch with her.  I don’t ignore her grandson!

Computer away and motivation sapped I arranged a walk with a friend over the local hill. I used to live at the foot of this hill, I loved walking and running over it so any excuse to walk it again is always taken.  We put the worlds to rights and it was a really nice afternoon.  The Robot wanted to know what the big black thing was in the corner of the room:

babyBack at home while I played with the Robot, Dave cooked tea.  We’d been trying to spy on the neighbours for a while now and they appeared at their kitchen window.  Dave also feeling the strain of not having a working internet jumped on the opportunity to knock at their door and ask them if we could connect to their wifi.  Result!  Being honest, Dave said we wouldn’t stream and slow up their connection, but did mean I could catch up with twitter and just generally blog away!  Dave watched Alan Partridge DVD’s!

Monday morning, and with a connection to the neighbours wifi, you could say I am no longer a Blogger without the Internet.  This is true, but I’d like to finish my story until the time Plusnet get our connection back.   Monday is FitMums exercise class, I wasn’t feeling tip top but as I pay in advance I begrudge not going.  I battled through while a normally happy Robot whined the entire time.  Maybe he isn’t tip top either!  We made it through, it was quite a nice pilates mix rather than full on cardio!  I could cuddle the Robot throughout!

A friend cancelled on me in the afternoon so with a blank canvas I couldn’t decide what to do.  Dave came home! We went for a family walk to Tescos and back.  While there it occurred to me that I was tired and my head ache had come back from the morning.  At the check out I politely asked Dave if I could nap when we got home!  He agreed and said he would take the Robot out for a walk.  So from 3pm till 5pm I actually slept!  Felt much better.

The evening was pretty uneventful and requires no explanation.  Tuesday morning I agreed that the Robot could have porridge for breakfast.  Yes I know he is a baby, I chose porridge for him.  It’s so messy, we had a full wipe down after.

Tuesday is a playgroup day so at 10am we headed there. It was busier than normal and lots of big toddlers. We hid in the corner and played in the safety of the baby corner!

It always tires the Robot out so back home we squeezed in some lunch and put the Robot down to nap. The Robot has learnt to roll now and I always find him on his front in the cot! If anyone can tell me this will pass please do as its waking us up lots in the night?


My mum came over in the afternoon. I didn’t touch my computer or phone or even mention the blog the entire time! It helped that after beans on toast we headed into town to get my fillings at the dentist.

Ouch, I swear they use less anaesthetic now days. I felt all the drilling! When she says put your hand up if it hurts it’s only delaying the inevitable. I braved it in a I’ve given birth style and got through it with a numb mouth and no sticker!

When we got back home made a brew and sat on the sofa feeding the Robot, it’s when I noticed a pleasant glow in the corner of the room!

Yes, you guessed it, the Internet has returned! Our life can function again!

There you have a week and a day of no internet connection.  If you didn’t have the internet for a week what would you do?  Do let me know I’d be interested in your thoughts!


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