What do Bloggers Do When the Internet Fails? Part 2

Read Part one here

I left you Wednesday afternoon finding out that it could be another 48 hours till I got my phone line and internet back on.  So far I have;

  • Been for a long walk on the canal
  • Watched the water
  • Had a ham sandwich
  • Tidied my garden up
  • Played with the baby
  • Drove to Mums for a sleepover
  • Tried to blog while my Mum talked at me
  • Had porridge while blogging
  • Went for a walk by the river
  • Drove to town
  • Gone to the dentist (I need 2 fillings!)
  • Bought McFlurrys
  • Ate them by the Sea
  • Hung out at Mums house
  • Spent the night at home with Dave
  • Chatted to a friend
  • Went to bed early, got up early
  • Went to Aldi
  • Gave the baby fairy sleeping dust
  • Been to the library to blog
  • Went to breast feeding support group
  • Went for a walk
  • Cooked a chicken and a curry

As I had had an amazing night sleep I decided I would stay up and write up a blog post in word.  That was part one of this!  I dragged myself off to bed at around midnight!
The Robot slept all night, which was a first in over a month.  Amazing.  Still it was a 6.30 start.  After breakfast  it was still only 8am.   There were no signs of a sleepy Robot and I knew the library was shut.   I had an appointment with the hair dressers at 9.30.  By 9am I was itching to get out the house so I put Robot in the buggy (a rare treat) and walked the long way to the hair dressers.

An hour and half later I came out looking all new and shiny.   Robot again did me proud, he sat and watched without a fuss.  I swear I have a dream baby.  When I got home, secretly hoping that the internet would be working, but not holding out hope, Dave was there!  A pleasant surprise as I wasn’t expecting him.  I feared he would want to hang out with us for the rest of the day, thankfully not and I could go about my secret blogging plans!

hair cut After an early snack lunch I bundled Robot and the laptop in the car and drove off to my Mums again.  Mum wasn’t there, she was at work, I knew this, it was a great plan.  I really hoped the Robot would have stayed asleep when we arrived so that I could crack open the laptop and get on with some work.  No luck, fortunately he was happy to play.  Phone and laptop whirring a way.  I got to catch up with my Tribe on WhatsApp.  Send a few tweets. Post Part one of this. Add myself to #FamilyFunLinky. Say hello with a few comments. Change a nappy.

Not too much time could be spent at Mums, I had to go and find my boss.  Easy enough to track down, not so easy to tell him I wasn’t going back to work.  The Robot slept through all of this.  I’m now an official stay at home Mummy!  I shouldn’t have dreaded the conversation.  He was expecting it, he knows me too well!  He wished me well and we didn’t hug and that was that.  We drove back home.

Dave was home, he had taken to drinking beer in my newly tidied garden.  The Robot and I joined him with a cup of tea for me and some milk for the wee man.   Getting cold we ventured inside and played.  With Robot.  Dave lit the fire and drank some more beer!

Dave being home I hoped he would cook tea.  He did, left over curry.  It was nice though.  Dave got a phone call from Plusnet to say that the BT Engineer was scheduled to come tomorrow (Friday), but if this failed we were not to expect any re-connection till at least Monday.  Sweary moment.  We got the Robot to sleep and I took to writing this part two in Word.   I didn’t stay up late.

Well the last night was just a fluke the Robot woke up at 4am.  Thankfully a little hug from me and he went back to sleep until 8am.  Friday is a no group day.  With no internet what am I to all day.  Luckily I’d had days of practice.  We had a leisurely get up and breakfast.  I decided to try the library with an awake Robot.  No chance.  I lasted 25 minutes at their computers.  I logged onto their wifi with my phone and sat outside on the benches.  This seemed to be entertaining for the Robot for a further 10 minutes.

My mood sunk after this library attempt.  We went home.  I sulked for a bit.  Dave came home for lunch.  He cooked me lunch, this helped a little.  The Robot went for a nap.  This was great but now I was trapped in the house and only my own company and the Radio to cope with.

I just want to add, we don’t have a TV.  We watch a few choice things over the internet in the evenings.  It works for us, until the internet breaks!

A little bit of inspiration later and I dusted off the sewing machine, raided the fabric box and took to making some cushion covers for the Robots room.  Brilliant, I’d been avoiding this for months!  The Robot woke up half way through but he was happy to sit in the high chair and watch me.  Surprisingly he wasn’t scared of the machine noise, he is of the hoover.

After this my mood sunk again buy Dave got back from work early. This seems to happen on a Friday fairly often!  We went for a walk along the canal.  This cheered my mood a little, fresh air always does.  I should know this by now!  We put the worlds to rights on the walk and Dave sympathised with my desire to blog.  He put his Daddy hat on and I was allowed to go to the library alone for a little bit.

At this point on Friday afternoon I had resigned myself to the fact that BT and Plusnet (they are the same company) are useless and that I we wouldn’t get our phone line back till after the weekend.  I feel less ranty now.

While at the library, Dave text me to say hire a DVD.  Such a good idea.  I chose “In To The Woods”.   It wasn’t till later that I remembered that it was a musical and that Dave would kill me because of this.  I pretended to play dumb until the movie was playing and be all nonchalant that I had forgotten it was a musical.  It worked.  The movie was hard work though; I won’t be rushing to watch it again any time soon.

Saturday was to be a family day, it’s usually a Sunday but Dave switched his work days.  I’m also breaking my no post Sunday rule.  Please forgive me!

We got up bright and early, well the Robot woke us up at 6am, rather than waste the day we both got into action mode.  Dave made us a pack lunch and bacon sandwiches.  I got the Robot and myself ready.  By 8.30 we were out the door, in the driving seat and heading towards the Lake District!  Our sights set on Coniston.  We walked up The Old Man of Coniston.  It was a glorious day, I have a blog post in the making for the day so you’ll have to wait for more information. Here is a little picture as a taster;
Back at home, and no shock, the phone line was still down, I don’t know why I checked.  We had tea, got the Robot through bath and into bed. Then we followed him to bed too.  Shattered!  Sorry that it is not more exciting!

Sunday morning I leave you again.  Visiting my Mum again.  This is turning in to a 3 part post (saga).  More for you in a couple of days.


What would you choose to do if you didn’t have the internet for the day?  I would love your inspiration!

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  3. The last time we were without reliable internet (other than the apartment/hotel living) was when we were on the cruise for holidays. It was lovely to unplug and reconnect but to be fair everytime we hit wifi we were all on phones and iPads.

    I’d probably blog on my phone on the app which doesn’t need any form of internet to keep my blogging fix though!

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