What a Week! #ABC123Challenge

On to week W of the abc123Challenge, I can’t believe we’re on the home stretch and next week is that illusive letter X that everyone thinks about when you start at the letter A! I’ve got a good one!

This week has been a bit of a blur really. I was so busy last week organising the Robots birthday that this week I’ve fallen into a world where I can’t be bothered. I’m sat here typing this up now with CABS rolling around on the floor that looks like a bomb has hit it. The Robots toys are everywhere and she’s having a field day chewing on everything.

Poor Dave has been on half mast the end of this week too. He’s picked up some sort of bug that as rendered him out for the count. He’s okay, but it means that extra bit of house work or cooking that he normally helps with hasn’t happened so it has just added to the chaos that is our house! Baby CABS has been throwing up but I am surprised that I’ve not caught what they have had. Fingers crossed still!

Anyway I’ll stop all the moan and move on. I can tidy next week…

The Happy Bits

A moment to look back at all the bits and bobs in my week that have made me happy.

– Baby CABS has been testing my ability to be awake so the weekend I got a few extra sleeps, lay in time in the morning and nap times.

– I won some fabric in the #fussycuttingsewalong. It arrived this made me happy.

– We went for a family stroll to the river (everyone else had the same idea) to paddle and practice on Robots scooter on the cycle path. We had ice cream, this always makes me happy!

– I decided to brave soft play with my two little people alone. It turned out really well and I discovered free scone Monday. I think we will go again!

– The 100 day sewing block challenge has started you can follow my progress here #twotinymakes100blocks

– Baby CABS is properly sitting up and exploring around now. She isn’t quite crawling but seems quite good at dragging herself around the floor. Those knees are getting up though so it won’t be long!!

CABS is sat happy and looking at camera

– Dave had an afternoon off so he took the Robot to play somewhere and I got some nap time sewing done. I love a bit of progress on a project!

– I took the kids (solo again) to a trampoline park. It went okay but I have no intention of going alone again. It was just hard work!!

– It rained!! Yes, oh joy, it rained and everything just feels fine again. It was much-needed.

That’s me for this week I think. I have a fun weekend planned with my brother and sister-in-law. They are visiting and I can’t wait to see them! Trains and boats are in sight… The Robot will be beyond excited!

Have a good week!  I promise to take more photos.

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