Westmorland County Show

A Day Out to Westmorland County Show

Billed as one of the countrys largest one day agricultural show the Westmorland County Show is the place to be!  With 10s of 1000s of visitors each year it really is truely epic!

This is the first year I’ve been and was founded in 1799, 215 years I’ve missed.   I say first year, it’s been the first as an adult as my Mum assures me I went as a child.   It’s with my Mum that we went this year.

You can’t beat the British weather, it had rained all morning so by the time we’d arrived at midday the ground was muddy but not unpassable. I’d opted to take the buggy as well as my baby carrier so that I didn’t have to carry him all day.  My poor buggy was caked in mud when we got home but as I rarely use it a quick rinse off and its good to go again!  The sun did come out in the afternoon so we could dry off, the ground however stayed muddy!

On arriving we headed straight for the food tent and bought sausage rolls, the proper kind, and smoothies.  We managed to find a bench to enjoy our bounty in the fresh air and showers.  I am so glad my Mum packed her massive umbrella!  Here is the little man enjoying his lunch just before a downpour!

the robot sat in his buggy eating

After this we headed off to explore the show.  It really is massive, we visited the WI tent and craft tents but what we really wanted to see was what we spotted on the hill in the distance, the tractors, so we meandered through all the people towards them…

We got distracted on route though by the sheep sheering show, this has to be my highlight of the day.  A loveable Kiwi giving a show about the different breeds of sheep there are.  It was really interesting and comical, he really was a good show man.  The sheep were the stars though, showing off and dancing at the end.  The Robot loved the music and we had a good little dance together!

A stage with a podium of differnt sheep on

The Tractors!

There were plenty more tractors to see but I’ll only show you these ones.  The Robot didn’t seem too impressed in the end but I think he seems to like the green moving ones that go past our street at home more!

We finished the day off with a quick walk round the animal tents, the goats and the highland cows being my favourite.


It’s not surprising that with the sheer amount of people going to the show that the traffic getting there is awful.   We’d opted to go by the free bus rather than drive as we foolishly thought that’d be better for us.  It took well over an hour to get there, a journey that should normally take 10 minutes on a non show day.  Thankfully the Robot is the best baby ever and if not sleeping he smiled and entertained the other passengers.  Going home was quicker but we did have to wait an hour for the bus as this was stuck in traffic too!  If we decide to go again I’m definately driving there!

Next Years Show…

Is on the 14th of September and after going this year in mud and rain I’d definately like to go again next year.  I may think twice though if it’s really rainy but the Robot will be 2 next year and walking so who knows the show could be an even better day out for us.


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  1. This looks like a fab country show to visit and explore, it reminds me so much of the Royal Cornwall Show just up the road from me each year. The Robot looks like he enjoyed himself although he doesn’t seem all too impressed by the tractors, like you say maybe moving he’d have been a bit more interested. I bet he loved meeting all the animals there though, it’s great that you got to see them all!

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.
    Coombe Mill – Fiona recently posted…Country Kids from Coombe MillMy Profile

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