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The outdoors is my friend!  If I could spend all day outside I probably would.  Spring is fast approaching us, and we’ve been getting some really nice sunny Winter days, its giving me hope, hope that me and the Robot can go on more adventures very soon.

Feb16 (18)

Now I could use some old folk lores, watching the cows to see if they are laying down, looking for moss on trees, is that a red sky at night or the morning, but lets face it that is all rubbish, I swear by my BBC Weather app.  It’s one of the most opened apps on my phone.  Looking for that little grey cloud amongst the rain, is that a sun in that rain cloud, Sun, how exciting!  On particularly rainy days, it’s a god send, I love to plan ahead and get out of the house, if I can look ahead on a rainy day and see that at 2pm we’ve got a grey cloud window. I’m there with my shoes on, baby in sling, ready for a quick power walk.

We’ve always taken the Robot out for a walk, in fact there are 3 days in his life where he failed to go outside:

  1. His birthday, even I wasn’t allowed out on that day!
  2. His 3rd day, I just wasn’t up for going out on my first full day home!
  3. Christmas day, my traditional Christmas morning walk went out the window, it just rained all day!

It rained all boxing day too, but in protest, Robot went in the buggy and we went tag team running. Robot slept, we got soaked!

Being alone on maternity sometimes sends me loopy so getting out for a walk is my best option, I’ve named them;

  • “The 30 minuter”, because it’s 30 mintues
  • “The Cow Track” – it goes down a track walked by cows, have to dodge pat!
  • “The Labour Loop” – The walk we did the day Robot wanted to come into the world, I had to be rescued on this as my waters had gone.
  • “Tescos and back”, because it is a walk to Tesco and back.
  • “The Shops”, I visit all the charity shops and supermarkets looking for bargains.
Part of the 30 Minuter walk
Part of the 30 Minuter walk

These are all loops, and adding the word “reverse” to them suddenly makes the walk a little more interesting!  There are others, but these are my regulars, that I do alone.

None of this would be possible if I didn’t plan around the weather, well it would but I don’t like getting wet intentionally.  Oh, I also just look out the window too!

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  1. I used to bike a lot with my two when they were little (well this is Holland) I had regular loops and routes that usually involved a playground or ducks or other animals. I love getting out but hate rain so we rely on the weather radar app here (it rains tonnes). TY for linking up with #FamilyFun

  2. Haha we’ve named our walks to. ‘Beach and back’, ‘to the horses’, ‘to the shops’, ’round the block’, ‘the lanes’. I always go out for walks so it doesn’t send me loopy. Fresh air does you the world of good doesn’t it. I’m also so excited for Spring. This warm spell of weather lately has made me so hopeful. Fingers crossed we’ll all have lots of adventures again soon. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatevertheweather xx

  3. Jenny Eaves - Monkeyandmouse

    I love that you get out in all weathers on almost every day! We have regular walks too and loops are always the best ones, I dislike having to go back the same way I begin. As the boys have gotten older my walks have changed, I used to walk much further when getting my first child to sleep (and stay asleep), but now he’s four I can only go as far as he can walk, which (to be fair) is actually quite far! The weather app is well used on my phone too, important to be able to plan the next days activity. 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

    1. isntitpretty

      This is something that my and Dave discuss all the time! We know we won’t be able to go out for long walks an a few years time. It’ll be interesting to see how we adapt!

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