Water Colour Name Prints

A journey to water colour name prints

When I started sewing again six months ago and begun my adventures into Two Tiny Makes I did not expect to be heading off on a tangent painting water colour name prints.

It all started when I painted my Mum picture for Mothers Day, I loved the effect and wanted to do more.

I’ve plenty of friends with kids now so asked a few if they’d like their own. The challenge for me is to always improve and get better so by asking for ideas and prompts I can try new ideas. This is what we have for name prints so far:

Space rocket and satelite with names on with planets around

Princess Pow love hear and stars picture with name in middle

a train picure with the text of robert on

flower print with name chloe in

We’re well into the ABC123Challenge now and for this I’ve been sketching and using water colour to create the alphabet each week. It was at week L I decided to go a bit more in-depth and start to paint a mini picture for someone each week based on what they like. It’s been fun and a great challenge, this is what I’ve come up with since;

pictures of L M N & O

When I had enough images I decided to take the plunge and open up my etsy shop to try to sell some of these personalised prints. A bit scary but life is to short for what if’s so my listings are live if you want to take a look?

Since launching I have had 2 custom orders and a competition prize to paint. It’s been an amazing start getting to paint something for someone I don’t know to a simple brief or colour scheme. The first two are the mini letter prints:

A tardis with letters on and a pineapple with a letter on

The 3rd is a wedding print and one I hope they’re too busy to spot on my blog as they get married tomorrow and this is a present. I don’t think they follow me though so it’s all good:

A love heart made from painted flower details with the letters H & N in white on top.

Please do take some time to visit my etsy shop.  I have a special 50% off my mini letter sized prints for the month of May.  At £4.99 inc postage you can get some personalised artwork made especially for you or a friend!

This has been a fun avenue to follow on my Two Tiny Makes journey.  I do hope you are enjoying it?



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