Water Beads With a One Year Old

When I first heard about water beads I got excited.  A different material than just ordinary water to play with, brilliant.  They aren’t edible though so I bought them with, “I’ll try them and see how it goes” in mind.   The Robot now at 13 months has got really good at not eating everything so I thought I’d try a packet out to see how we get on.  It’s always trial and error in my house!

I decided to just use one packet for our first go at water beads, I hate wasting things, and it would have been a shame if the Robot hates it.   I put the little beads into a jug of water as per instructions to see them grow,  its slow progress so do it over night.  They are pretty cool and expand into little marble shapes that are squishy and bounce a little.   They feel lovely!

It was raining outside the morning I tried this activity so I resurrected the old baby bath to contain our container.   Lets take a look how we got on…

container with little blue beads in, the robots hand is in it

There is no better way to describe it than like a boy possessed. If I had caught it on camera it would have been a treat. Alas my blogger brain was only in photo mode so all I got was photos.  He swished and swooshed those little blue balls back and forth and then tipped the container over and then pulled the bath over…  Then repeat the swishing and the swooshing.  Mayhem!

The robot has pulled over the bath tub and is getting in it to splash the blue water beads about

My poor carpet was covered in little blue balls of wateryness!  Thankfully they are easy to pick up but it made me reassess very quickly on the next stage of the process.   Tipping the bath back up and put the Robot in it, a brilliant way to contain the mess a little while I pick but up off the carpet.  Until he wanted to climb out again 5 minutes later.

The Robot is sat in the toy bath leaning over and playing with the blue water beads

As my first experience of water beads go I’d have to say it was quite stressful.  You are meant to be able to save the beads to use again and again, but unfortunately most of mine were smashed to smithereens.   All was not lost though, I managed to save a few and I put them in a bottle and made a sensory bottle.  A lot more calm and if you shake them vigorously then the balls smash apart into even more mess!

The robot is sat up and holding a plastic bottle with the remnants of the blue water beads in

Mess contained in a bottle! Genius!

Please share with me your water bead experiences, does it get easier when kids get older?  How else do you play with them?  Give me tips!!

#ABC123 is a challenge I have set myself to complete 26 weeks of posts, every week a different letter of the alphabet.  This week is the letter W for Water beads.

Do you fancy having a go at the #ABC123 Challenge?

ABC123 Blue Building Block


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  1. A great post! I am so intrigued by water bead and on pinterest there are so many ideas for older children but not younger. As my little one is still putting everything in her mouth (she ate paint today) we might be able to try them in a bottle though as she seems to love a water bottle. #ablogginggoodtime

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