W is for Playing in the Woods #abc123challenge

Playing in the Woods

There is nothing better than the great outdoors and one place, many places, we like to go as a family is in the woods.  We’ve been heading into the woods as a family since the Robot was born and now that he walks it makes a brilliant place to play and while away a couple of hours being at one with nature.

We went exploring in the woods last weekend because the heat outside was unbearable, it’s a great place to be in the Summer.  The OS Map came out and we looked for a new wood to explore and it was a small area but we found a ruined “Castle”.  I say castle lightly but it was entertaining enough for the boys to play in while CABS and I sat in the shade avoiding the stinging nettles that had grown everywhere!

Every Woods trip is a proper treat.  Made ever more so with the following ways to enjoy playing in the woods:

Den Building

Considering we have been in the woods a lot, at 3 the Robot is only just getting into den building and even then it’s normally den stealing.  It always surprises me that where ever we go there is often a den of sticks just already built ready for us to play.  Just waiting.  Never any people, it always makes me wonder how long they’ve been there, some are amazing.  One thing is for sure the Robot loves to play house in them.  Cooking and building fires.

In the woods there are wooden stick dens set up

First Explore Walks

Not really a play activity but I just wanted to include this first woods walk with the Robot.  He was off on his own and looking cute.  I’m still feeling a little nostalgic after his 3rd Birthday last week!!  I love to let him explore and as long as I know there are no ravines or mines I will let him go.

Robot hiking in the woods

Hugging Trees

Ok so this seems like an odd one but the Robot thinks it is hilarious.  Touching and hugging the trees especially if I am joining in too. It’s like a massive game for us.  It’s great for finding new textures and exploring our senses.

Robot hugging a tree

Playing with Sticks

This is always a firm favourite.  Going for a walk with a stick in hand leads to a world of possibilities.  Did you see my post on 50 Uses for a Stick?  We’ve recently discovered the running stick.  With a stick in hand it means we can run, from a 2-year-old with no energy and complaining, a simple stick can transform him into an athlete!   We’re forever bringing sticks home for the fire.

Robot collecting sticks

Nature Trails

Organised nature trails are the best and great for kids to explore.  We went along to a Stick Man one organised by the Woodland Trust at the start of the year.  It was brilliant, building dens, playing in mud, lots of fun.  I’ve seen plenty more about from Gruffalo trails and The High Way Rat.  I am sure we will explore these as a family in due course.

robot playing in the mud kitchen

Searching for Wild Flowers

Every time the blue bells start to come out my social media feed is filled with pictures of blue bells, cute kids in blue bells, dogs in blue bells, you name it.  When I first started blogging I was obsessed with finding my own.  I didn’t find any impressive bluebell glades at the time but it was fun getting out.

Dave dangling Robot over some blue bells

There you have it.  This list is not exhaustive and I am sure that there are many many more ways to play in the woods we are yet to discover that will see us into many more years of fun.  How about you?  Do you take your kids into the woods to play?  What do you get up too?

This post is for the Letter W of the #ABC123Challenge.


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