View From My… Camping Pod on Rum

View From My… Camping Pod on Rum

A moment of reflection of time gone by, a snap shot from where I lay my head or better still we lay our heads.  A look back on a trip or outing, one that I will always remember and don’t want to forget.  A View From My… is my mini series where I will let you glimpse into a memory made through a certain view.  Today I’m bringing you back to my Camping Pod on Rum.

View from my cabin on the isle of rum looking over the loch of kinloch with another cabin and the robot in shot

Scotland is one of our favourite holiday destinations.  This picture was taken on the Isle of Rum from our camping pod.  The view itself isn’t particularly amazing because it’s blocked by another camping pod but what I like about this is in the foreground…

The little Robot, sat playing on the front step.  It’s probably about 6am and being May the daylight was very much up.  I love taking this little man on outdoor holidays.  I slipped a jumper on him and his shoes, made Dave get up, and sent them straight out of the door to play.  Well, maybe I didn’t send Dave to play but make me a cup of tea instead!  Being the caffeine addict he is that’s never a hard request.

So while the Robot plays at the door, I watch him and soak up the fresh air wafting in from the sea.  The birds and humming of the gas stove round the corner.  A truly restful moment.

It’s true that kids don’t need loads of toys to play with.  They need time.  Being on holiday we could give him all the time in the world.    This part of the holiday was on foot and the toys we took the Robot to play with were minimal.  He has a back pack, a tiny one, that we packed up with 3 diggers, 2 cars and a couple of Mr Men books.  These kept him entertained for the 6 nights we were away.  No fuss whatsoever.  Hours of stick and stones to play with too, there is an endless amount of these outside…

So if you fancy reading a bit more about what we got up to on the Isle of Rum then go and visit this post

Do you have any treasured pictures that give you a view from a door or window?   If you fancy sharing them with me or my readers I’d love to see and hear about them, just send me a message.






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