Very Happy 3rd Birthday #ABC123Challenge

My little boy turned 3 yesterday.  I can’t believe I own a 3-year-old now.  He’s been really testing my boundaries this week probably because he’s been so so excited about his birthday and his party.  It has been fun watching his excitement but if you saw one of my Instagram posts in the week you’ll know it’s not been all plain sailing. I took a moment to look back over his 1st year book last night and all the baby pictures just make me melt.  I can’t quite believe it’s been 3 years.  Especially with baby CABS on the scene now everything moves so fast.  Just look at him in his baby form:

Early baby Robot in his white baby grows

The Robot is amazing.  Both Dave and I mention this to each other at least every other day in some form or another.  He is such a lovely, kind, caring, funny, little boy who takes on everything that we throw at him.  We’ve taken him everywhere and he comes with us with an adventurous spirit that I hope he will never lose.  My Summer baby is the youngest of his peers and although half a year younger to most he takes everything by his stride.

All the learning, the toilet training, the numbers, the pretend play, his imagination, his wit, it all just happens no fuss he has just got on with it.  I can see his little cogs running sometimes while he’s thinking.  He blows my mind daily.  Even though he is developing testing behaviour I think on a whole he’s a good kid, a joy to be around.  I know when he goes to pre-school in September for a couple of days he will thrive, he will be liked, he’s totally ready for it.

His baby sister CABS adores him. Follows him round the room with his eyes, kicks with excitement when he comes in the room. Giggles and laughs.  The way he envelops her for hugs warms my heart, the way he lets her pull his hair even though it hurts, he deliberately gets close for this.  We call each other silly and its beautiful.

I’m extremely happy to own this 3-year-old and I can’t wait to see what challenges he will throw at me over the coming year…  Let’s find out some more happy…

The Happy Bits

Looking back at the week gone by picking out some of the happier moments.

– Walks in the woods and finding a castle, aka a small ruin that the boys explored while I sat taking photos of myself and CABS:

Karen and CABS looking really pretty together in a selfie

– Getting excited about the 100 blocks in 100 days challenge on Instagram follow along with me here to find out more.

– Cleaning windows and doors with the Robots help, him sticking his head in the bucket.

– Picnic at the park where baby CABS sat the entire time.

Baby CABS sat up eating her picnic

– The Robots 3rd birthday – It was all good!

robot beyond excited at seeing his pile of presents and his new tool bench

– I made cake.

Robot blowing out his exceptional home made birthday cake

I’ve been too tired most the week with early rises and bad nights sleep to really remember much else of the happy. It’s been good but I’ve not been in an amazing place to focus on anything for long.  Organising mini Birthday parties can take its toll!

I’m sure this week will bring me more sleep, I hope so anyway, I’m definitely going to practice napping while the baby naps over the weekend while Dave is home. Have a great week people xx


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  3. Aww, Happy Birthday Robot. I love the look on his face seeing his cards and presents, adorable. It sounds like he has such a good relationship with his sister too, I can’t believe how big she’s getting!
    I hope you managed more sleep this weekend x

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