Velcro Puzzle Game

Have you ever wanted a puzzle that can change and adapt to your growing child’s needs?  Well I think I’ve come up with an idea that will solve this.

All you need is a mini white board and pen, some Velcro dots and shapes or pictures.  I bought a board for £1 from my local bargain shop. It’s not great quality but will do for this project.

Everything else I have stashed in my craft box.   The next bit is simple.  Stick one half of the Velcro to the white board. I can fit 6 on my board.  Cut out 6 shapes on card. Stick the other bits of Velcro to the shapes.

The shapes can now stick to the board. Draw round the shapes with the whiteboard marker.  There you have it a home-made puzzle:

A white board with 6 colour shapes stuck to it.

When you take the shapes off the marker pen shows you where the shapes should go.

A white board with the coloured shapes in front of it. Pen drawing on the board of the shapes.I tested it out on The Robot.  He has not had much practice at puzzles before so I was intrigued how it would go.

A small white board is laying on the floor, the robot is peeling the cardboard shapes off the board

He picked up fairly quickly that the shapes pulled off and he then spent the next 5 minutes doing this with me putting them back on again.   With a little help he did start to realise they came off and on again and quickly chucked them back and forth.  Not getting stuck back on but definitely the process of on and off!

The pen shapes soon rubbed off the board and I realised this didn’t matter for now. He is only 13 months and still learning.  The fact he was getting them back on the board is an achievement in itself.

There is plenty of scope to expand on this puzzle game in the future. I’ve used simple shapes for now but the possibilities are endless as to where to go next with this.  More complex shapes, favourite pictures, letters, numbers…

How are you little ones with puzzles?  Have you tried this before?  What would you stick to the board?

Are you on Pinterest?  Why not pin this for me:
An image of the puzzle board game with the text saying the same

#ABC123 is a challenge I have set myself to complete 26 weeks of posts, every week a different letter of the alphabet.  This week is the letter V for Velcro.

Do you fancy having a go at the #ABC123 Challenge?

ABC123 Blue Building Block






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