Vehicle Painting

Don’t you just love how  you come to an idea sometimes? I was sat playing in the garden with the Robot and he had dunked his tractor in the paddling pool and was riding it over the blanket where I was sat. The tyres made a really good water print on it. A aha moment later vehicle painting was born!!

Vehicle Painting

If your kid is anything like mine then you have a tonne of different vehicles in the house and they all get a variety of abuse while playing! If he wants to dunk them in water, drive through mud, cover in sand, fill with cheese then I let him.  It’s exploration after all.  It’s the next best thing to get them paint covered too.

It’s great that it’s summer now as we can do this in the garden and create as much mess as we want followed by a dunk in the paddling pool to clean off.  Very simple to do.  If you saw my Foam painting post a few months ago it was indoors and chaos and resulted in me scrubbing painted foot prints off the carpet!

We collected some large bits of card and paper and chose our vehicles from his vast selection. Squirt paint on the card and we’re ready to get rolling:

The set up of the vehicle painting - tractors. blobs of paint and plain paper on card board

We did this activity in the shade in my back garden so the lighting in my photos is pretty poor.  Emphasis on fun rather than amazing blog post photos… How did we get on.

With most new ways to play the Robot needed a little bit of encouragement but once he saw the vehicles going through the paint and on the paper he was sold on it.  Doing it himself and even heading indoors to get new cars with different tracks on.

tyre marks being made by the robot on paper

With everything we do I try to be a bit child led and it wasn’t long before we were creating a scene from the Foam Painting but it didn’t matter as we were outside and having fun!  He always looks at me for approval before doing something he perceives as naughty.  It’s funny because I know he’s going to do it anyway so if I had said no it would have meant him running about and screaming.  As I’d said yes it was a much calmer play and meant we got more involved with it together.

a shot of the vehicle painting in progress

While he was doing his initial foot prints I popped back inside to get a warm soapy bucket and a towel to get him clean when he had finished.  He asked me if I’d like to do some feet painting when I got back.  Embracing the play I decided to join in. The bucket became the next best play thing.

Robot stood in a bucket cleaning his feet while the vehicle painting set up has been abandoned.

robot abandoning the vehicle painting to paint with his hands and feet

Tidying up was fun too. Once I had hung up the paintings on the line to dry I tipped the bucket of water over the nice shiny mat, I gave the Robot a cloth and he helped me clean up the paint by slipping all over the mat.

All in all vehicle painting was a fun morning activity. I can’t believe I haven’t done more painting outside until now!

Let me know if you have a go with this activity too.



  1. I love this activity so much that it’s one of the activities in my Squidgydoodle ‘Holiday Fun’ Craft Box! I love process art. It’s so good for building children’s confidence and encouraging them to discover what happens if… Have you ever tried making a ramp and pushing the cars through the paint, down the ramp? #FamilyFunLinky
    Debbie recently posted…7 reasons to buy a Squidgydoodle Craft BoxMy Profile

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