Unicorn Sea Foam Sensory Play

It was when needing a U project for the ABC123Challenge last year when I came up with Under Water Sea Foam Sensory Play.  A simple game of look through soap bubbles for super hidden sea creatures, aka bath toys.  Roll on to this version of Sensory Sea foam and we thought we’d go all unicorn on you. Unicorn sea foam Rainbow colours!

Unicorn Sea Foam Sensory Play

I’m calling this unicorn Sea Foam because it fits in with my letter of the week. I’m slightly kicking myself for not adding glitter right now but multi coloured foam will have to do.  There are no unicorns harmed in the making of this and in the very loose term of unicorn, there is no actual magical creature included in this fun sensory play activity!

You will need

  • Liquid soap
  • Water
  • Food colouring
  • A bowl
  • A vessel
  • An electric whisk

It’s very simple and the measurements can be played with. Add a tiny bit of water with the equivalent amount of soap and a splash of food colouring. Get whisking, the longer you whisk the thicker the foam.

unicorn sea foam being mixed and added into a box

Add it to your vessel, I used a tub, trying not put in the extra water from the bottom of the bowl. Make another colour and add this in and so on till you have your desired amount of coloured foam. Add glitter because unicorns are sparkly!

Note: get playing with it straight away or the foam will sink back to water soap. You can whisk it again but the colours will mix.

On to the play bit

When I first did this with the Robot back when he was about 18 months for the Under water sea foam I prepped it during nap time hiding his bath toys for him to find. This time nap time doesn’t exist so he helped make this. I hid a load of loom bands in the bottom of this one for him to find.

We took the tub outside to start getting our hands and things in. First I told him to look for colourful treasure, aka the loom bands. He enjoyed this because they fit like rings on his fingers.

searching in the unicorn sea foam for magical loom bands

Then science got involved looking at how fast the foam drops or what happens when you smash it together in a big clap.  Loads of fun on a hot summers day. Getting braver with the bubbles the Robot started getting his feet in and stomping the bubbles round the garden like a dinosaur. He enjoyed the foot prints and slipping about in the tub.

the robot is stood in the magical unicorn sea foam

When the bubbles started to go we ended up with a water soap coloured solution. I disappeared back into the house to whisk this up again to get more foam but alas a bit brown this time!

The play ended and a quick dry the Robot smelt the cleanest I’ve seen him in the day time in a long time! We used the remaining solution to clean a few of the outdoor toys that were a bit muddy.

I hope you can spare a few bubbles to have a quick go at your own unicorn sea foam with your little ones this summer!?


Unicorn Sea foam sensory play



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