Umbrellas #abc123challenge

This week has been another one of those blurs where we’ve done so much but done so little! I’ve not really wanted to do anything either hence why this going out on Sunday instead of Saturday. Everything has been last-minute and we have all needed umbrellas to stay cool in the shade.

The weather has been beautiful, too nice for me really. It’s hard enough keeping me cool, let alone my kids! Let’s move on to the Happy Bits..

The Happy Bits

A moment in my week to look back at all the happy that has happened.

– The Kite festival followed by an evening with lovely friends. This is the best picture I’ve got for you:

the boys sat on bird statues with kites in the back ground

– A Sunday morning to myself while CABS napped and the Robot went out with his Daddy.

– Sunday lunch out, it was delicious.

– Visiting the caves at Silverdale something we’ve been meaning to do for years!

– Chancing upon some sand art in progress:

the shadow of the boys looking out over the bay at some art being made in the sand

Close up of the geometric sand art

– A chilled out Monday and visits from a friend for a play date of ease.

Fun messy play with my mum.

– Spending a house day and not feeling like I’d been cooped up thanks to a bit of garden fun.

– A successful train ride to town for sling library.

– Lots of happy mail in the post from my quilty friends.

– Another beautiful afternoon with friends. A friend that’s about to move away so getting to spend some last minutes with them is worth it.

– A chilled out Saturday!

– One last picture of baby CABS. Her two bottom teeth are finally through and she’s settling down a bit at night now thankfully:

baby cabs staring at the camera eating melon

The weekend is almost over and we haven’t got much else to do today. I’d like to stay cool as possible, maybe hang about at home again but I think Dave might have other ideas….

See you next week, where I might give you a better title than a random word like umbrellas!

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