To My Two Year Old 

It occurred to me last week that my little Robot will be my two years old very soon and that I should probably get a bit of a wriggle on and put some thought into your birthday blog.  Last year you got 52 reasons for loving you and boy do many of these still stand but I thought I’d ramble a bit differently this year and just word vomit absent mindedly while I chill in the bath.

Yep you heard that right… in the bath… finally we have had a break through and you pretty consistently sleep 12-13 hours through the night and I can now dare take a long soak in the bath on an evening.

<<note to self never write down how you get to have a soak in the bath… within minutes of writing that he woke up crying, so a quick hair wash and rescue was needed>>

So a bit of disjointed start to this blog, as today you turn two…

No longer my baby

My baby boy come toddler, you are pretty amazing, you are so chilled out.  You have the odd paddy from time to time but these are not the moments I remember, I made a first year book for you and often flick through it looking back at how tiny you used to be.  I love to watch you grow and learn it only seems like yesterday that you laying on your play mat cooing and smiling up at me.

The memories that you’ve given me and your Daddy are ones that we will treasure for ever.  Yes, you are no longer our baby but you make a pretty amazing toddler.

Robot stood smiling in a blue hat

A sense of adventure

It’s safe to say that you are an adventurous little soul.  There is not a day that we don’t go by without going on some kind of adventure.  We are incapable of staying in the house and I can still hold my hand up and say there are 3 days in your short life where we’ve not left the house, one of these is the day you were born.

This blog is literally littered with our adventures, our trips, our holidays.  I’m so excited to have documented them in this way for you to look back on one day.  We often go out in the rain because let’s face it, water can’t stop us. If you had your way you wouldn’t even wear a coat.

I’ve mentioned it a lot recently because you amaze me with the sheer distance you happily walk.  You collect sticks, you pick up stones, you make signals out of weeds.  Your imagination runs wild when you get outside, I watched you at the weekend quite happily running round a grassy knoll because you decided it was a junction.

Robot collecting sticksLoving and caring

You are a really sweet little boy, you are my little sidekick.  Baby wearing had been my most favourite things I could have done with you.  Attached to me we’ve got a bond that is hard to break, don’t be fooled, you are definitely not needy, you will play happily alone for hours.   I recommend all new Mum’s and Dad’s to wear your babies, it opens doors you never thought were possible..

The kisses and the cuddles that you give me are the best ever.  There are times that my demands for a kiss go unfounded but when you want them from me they are there for you.  When you sit on my lap for a story book after story book it makes me feel warm and cuddly that you are captivated by my tales.

Your Daddy often gives me cuddle or a stroke over the dinner table and you join in too.  If we’re stood, we often find you in between our legs sharing your love with us.  The bond that you’re forming with your Daddy is beautiful to watch.  I think he struggled when you were tiny and exclusively breastfed but as you’ve moved to moo milk and less dependant on me its nice to see you go on your own adventures.

Your play mates

We go to play groups regularly and you’ve got your friends.  Most of them are a little bit older than you, 6 months at most, but I always feel you are happy to follow them.  It’s great to see you start to interact with them more now that you’re catching up, you are always catching up with them but you can hold your own now.  You regularly request to play with them and we’re often quite happy to oblige.  Regulars at the park mean you follow, run and create your own path.

These are not your only mates.  You love your Grandparents too.  You see my Mum the most and you love to play with her.  It’s lovely to watch.  In fact most grown ups are a source of amusement.  When we are sat on train and you suddenly veer off in a giggle I notice that you’re engaging in a game of peekaboo with the stranger behind us.  Far too cute and such a friendly nature…

Robot holding on to his candle on the cake with an expression of disgust!

Here I leave you with this picture of your first birthday cake my darling little boy.  We didn’t let you eat any of this cake, I can be pretty sure that your second birthday will be very different…

Happy Birthday little one



  1. I think it’s great you’ve managed to get out every day but three! Personally, I hate staying in, and the Popple is happiest when we’re out exploring anyway. Is so fun watching their personalities develop, isn’t it? Happy birthday little guy! #FamilyFun

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