Two tiny toothie pegs

It really hadn’t occurred to me that I will need to start brushing Robots teeth. A friend asked me am I doing this and I was like ummm nope! Bad mummy.

How do you brush a 7 month olds teeth? I imagine it’s like trying to brush a pet, forcing a brush inside a clamped mouth for a quick wiggle around! Why don’t they give us this advice!!

A few hours later…

I’ve been to Tesco and bought a teeny green toothbrush and some baby aqua fresh. Sitting on the bathroom floor checking for some last hope instructions. Barely any help; use a sparing amount paste on the brush and brush gums and teeth. No advice on my wriggling 7 month old with mouth tight shut.


Mummy instincts prevail…

It’s bath time, hand Robot the toothbrush to play with, explore, bite. Seems to be going well. Paste time. Confusion on his face, mmm minty. Splash of water. Done.

Seems like I just needed to let my baby lead the way and let him play!

Now I just need to remember to do it every day!


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