Two Tiny Hands The Revamp

When I started blogging a couple of months ago I hurriedly put my header together.  It’s been annoying me for the entire time.  A free picture of 3 hand prints and some text that I was just not happy with.

image of 3 hand printed hands

As I spend a lot of time on other people’s blogs I have used this time to think about what I want from my blog header.  I like the cartoon headers that people have, but there is no way I can afford to get one illustrated for me.  I’d even considered asking a friend to do it for me, but I know how busy she is…

Last week I was sat drinking my slightly cold tea, watching the Robot play with his toys… The thought struck me… A Robot.  Totally filled with inspiration I set to trying to make my own header for my blog.   I use a free image manipulation programme called GIMP GNU Image Manipulation software.  I’ve used it for years for small projects, but this was a biggy!

After a couple of hours faffing with my Robot design and a mocked up header, I sent a picture to my tribe asking their opinion.  It was met with warm replies.  Here I am at phase one:

Screen shot of my mock header - a robot with a red heart stood on grass. A hill with 2 bikes and a sign say Two Tiny Hands - Adventures with the robot
My back seat blogger of a brother is also my go to person for blogging advice.  So I sent it to him too.  He immediately said, “you need to straighten the text on the sign post”.  Like, duh! It’s a draft.  That being the main negative, it was given the thumbs up.   He did suggest that I do some painting with the Robot to make textures for the grass and sky.  My response was, have you tried painting with a baby?  Read these here, edible painting with your baby and two tiny hand painting.  I ordered some paint… Then decided it was a bad idea!

While I was not sleeping I came up with an idea to change the header every season.  It being Spring now, I filled my header with flowers, sheep and a not so perfectly blue sky.  A lot of hours later I have what you can see here.  It’s not perfect, I certainly don’t call myself an illustrator.  I like it for now.  In June when Summer hits I get to change it again.  A cunning plan!

One thing for sure though is that I love my little Robot.  For this reason I am giving you the opportunity to collect my Robot.  Throughout the year I’ll be releasing special edition badges.  You can find the code on my sidebar or below.  Right now it’s the Spring.   If you’d like to know when a new badge is released please tweet me @IsntitprettyKTB and I’ll add you to my Robot list.

Two Tiny Hands

Do you think I’ve done a good job?  It can only get better, right?


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  1. Wow!! I’m seriously impressed that you have done this yourself!! I would have no clue! It’s really eye catching, and the use of mainly primary colour keeps it relevant to the theme of your blog-your child!! And I think it’s pretty genius to change it with the seasons-I absolutely love this!! And to have little Robot collection badges is also very clever-I’ve never seen this idea anywhere before!! I’m really, really impressed. Go you!!
    This Mum’s Life recently posted…I’m Better Than A Disney ParentMy Profile

  2. It is great!! I can’t believe you did it all on your own!! Wow you have great computer skill!! lol Seriously it looks really good. And as you say, It can only get better!! I love those inspiration moments! You just know when an idea is a good one! Well done lovely! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is great having you here. I would love to see you again on Monday, 🙂 xx
    A Moment With Franca recently posted…Review – Gazillion 33-in-1 Incredibubble WandMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Thank you as ever for such a lovely comment. It’s on my list of things to do, write down all the holidays and events so I can get designing! #triballove back at ya!

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