T is for Tuff Spot

The Tuff Spot

We’ve had our tuff spot, a builders tray, for a couple of years now and we go through a lot of phases with it.  At the moment we are in a not using it phase so I figured for my letter T this week I would revisit some uses of the tuff spot to give me and hopefully you some inspiration to play.  After all playing is good fun!

Here are 7 different ways to use your Tuff Spot and because I am kind they are mostly clean dry ways because after all it’s nice to not have loads of tidying up to do!

The Lego Bricks Tuff Spot

Really that is it, a load of bricks.  Sometimes something like this can really change how they play with stuff. Normally the Robot plays with his Duplo track and builds trains and carriages. Given just the blocks makes him build different things.

Tuff Lego

Water Beads Tuff Spot

Ok, so this ones a bit messy but is less messy than a bowl of water.  Water beads are good fun though learning about pouring and scooping and squashing.

water beads on a tuff spot

The Joy of Books Tuff Spot

We often have books laying round but sometimes they are missed. Putting them prominently as an invitation to play and read like this is a great idea!  We love reading in the Two Tiny House

books on a tuff spot

Rice Sensory Play Tuff Spot

A whole load of coloured rice. Sometimes it’s the set up that is most fun! Making shapes out of the playdoh and then filling it with coloured rice is a pain but oh so much joy from the kids. I loved this star activity..

star play doh rice on a tuff spot

Rice Crispy Small World Tuff Spot

This is a favourite with the Robot, he loves his trains and diggers so will spend hours shunting rice crispy flakes around. It’s a bit messy but it’s a satisfying hoover.

small world trains and krispies on a tuff spot

Construction Site Tuff Spot

A bit like before but smaller scale with snow dough (safe sand) and stones from the garden. Starting small makes room for self play and letting him roam the tuff spot himself.

construction site on a tuff spot

Colouring In Tuff Spot

A book and some pencils, let them be:

colouring book on a tuff spot

There are loads more ideas out there for messy and Sensory play ideas that are great for playing on a tuff spot. The aim is to contain the mess but also embrace it!!

Let the kids have fun.

After writing this my minds all fired up to go and get the tuff spot out the cellar and have a play with something.

How about you? What have you been playing with today?

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  1. I wish we had a tuff spot. I’ve not invested in one, because I don’t have any storage space. We do a lot of sensory activities in storage boxes and on trays, to try to contain the mess a bit. My youngest will play for hours if she has a sensory scene setup. They’re great for sparking imagination aren’t they? Plus all the other benefits of sensory play, like brain development, language skills, fine motor skills and helping to calm a child. You might like my blog post about the benefits of sensory play https://squidgydoodle.co.uk/sensory-play-benefits/ #FamilyFunLinky
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