Tribal Matters

Twitter has always been my favourite social media platform. It’s just got even better!  The lovely Katie of Mummy in a Tutu has opened my eyes to Twitter hours! I’ve seen them been advertised on and off for years and always wondered what was going on? What’s the point?

This time I was brave, this time I took part! #tribalchat I’ve never had so much fun while trying to get my Robot to sleep.  Lots of tweeting, retweeting, quoting about us and blogging.   I felt a little possessed and on a high by the end of it.  I think Mummy in a TuTu agrees:The whole idea behind #tribalchat is genius and one of those right time right places for me. Mummy in a tutu advertised for a tribe.  In a world wide web of professional bloggers, Katie has sent out a personal ad to find like minded people to join her tribe.  I’m going to take part.  Novice blogger wanting some virtual or more friends!

Needless to say I am going to take part in #TribalChat again next week.  I might even look out for other twitter hours to take part in, but for now;

This is me, Karen, joining The Tribe.

Happy Mummy & Son

I’m 33 years old and started blogging properly 3 weeks ago. I’m a full time Mummy on maternity leave, with 3 months left to decide if I’m going back to work!

I’m Mummy to The Robot and girlfriend to Dave, we sealed our relationship back in July 15 when our bundle arrived and made us a family! Robot is our affectionate name allowing him a little anonymity!

I am still trying to find my blogging feet and my style feels a little all over the place. I hope I’m writing good posts that people will like! I’m ploughing on regardless as I feel the more I write the better I’ll get!

We have lots of little adventures as a family, I’m blogging to document this. I love collecting things and memories seem like a good idea too!
Twitter @IsntitprettyKTB
Instagram @twotinyhands


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