Today You Are One

To My Darling Daughter, today you are one.

Flipping heck, my second child is one years old. How did that happen? I thought that your brothers first year went fast but you coming into our lives has just turned it up a notch.

You have completed us as a family of four and have been such a great edition to our little unit. Every day your character grows and I adore everything about you.

It hadn’t occurred to me that you would have a different personality to your brother but you do. You’re very cheeky and funny in your own way. You cry tears at the drop of a hat. Strangers beware it’s normal for her to cry, just give her some time and she will come round.

You sleep like an angel, when you’re not teething or growing. Putting you down is the easiest thing ever. You like your space and will go to sleep. Thank for that as it gives me time to be with your brother.

The Robot loves you more than I know, yes he pushes and kicks you, but he cuddles and plays with you too! He has taken you on board just how I hoped he would and I can’t wait to see you grow up together.

You’re not as smiley as I would love you to be. You smile for me but rarely for the camera. I’m grateful for the iPhones ability to take a 100 photos in one take so I can get the good shots! You always give your daddy a smile.

You really have slotted into our life perfectly and although it’s not been easy it’s been wonderful. I love you to the moon and back.

Happy Birthday baby girl. Bring on the one xxx

CABs sat on the steam train looking cute

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