Tintagel and Trebarwith Sands

Over Christmas we visited Coombe Mill Farm for a vacation.   We packed a lot in and one thing that sticks in my memory is our trip to see the sea.   Firstly we visited Tintagel with my Dad.


The main reason to visit Tintagel is to go and see the castle.  Unfortunaely on our mid winter visit it was closed for repairs but we got to have a wander on the hills around the area which was plenty enough for us.

The ledgend of King Arthur is spread throughout the area and is a very spiritual place.  The vast atlantic sea is a beautiful blue and is breath taking.   Behind our heads is Merlins cave (apparently}.

family shot on cliff with merlins cave in the background

The best thing about going here was the Robot.  He had just got over an illness and was on top form.  Here he is doing his best Fonzy impression from Happy Days.

Robot looking cute in his backpack

The Coastline of Cornwall is really intresting and if we had more time I would have liked to walk some of it.  Dave who has done this says it’s hard going with lots of ups and downs…

a view over the sea at tintagel

Boxing Day at Trebarwith Sands

As the title suggests, we spent Boxing Day visiting Trebarwith Sands.   We arrived and parked up in a massive empty car park, which suggests the Summer would be packed with tourists.  It was so windy but we carried on regardless.

We let the Robot walk down to the coast with us.  A bit slippy but we handled it.   The tide was in and the waves were so high, and very scary looking.   They say that this is quite a dangerous beach and I can see why because the tide comes right up to the rocks.  You could easily get caught off guard and cut off…

the sands at trebarwith sands

Which we almost did.  If we were a local we’d have known there were some steps at the other side of the beach.   We were not local.   We did have a little panic moment when the waves rushed in at us and we had to clamber up the rocks with the Robot.  We put the Robot in the back pack and waited patiently for the tide to rush back out.

At a tidal trebarwith sands

Thankfully Dave trusted my instincts and a friendly local who confirmed that the tide would go back enough for us to get back to safety and off the slippy rocks.  No 999 incident here!

After our little dabble with danger we headed off up the cliff to get a good view over the sea.  I had wet feet from the sea so we didn’t want to walk that far.  From the top of the cliff we managed to get a good family selfie moment:

family selfie on the cliff

On both days I had a sneaky peak at the geocaching app which I told you about in my post about geocaching in Cornwall.  We did manage to find a couple which was always a bonus to any walk out!!   We do love the seaside and Cornwall truly has some astonishing coastline and I’d love to go back and visit one day when the Robot is a bit older and maybe in warmer weather!!

Do you have any favourite coastlines or beaches?


  1. It is a beautiful area, isn’t it? Even in mid-winter. What a wonderful walk you had. Our neighbour has been gradually walking around the Cornwall/Devon coast line. He does segments every holiday, which I always thought was a good way of doing it. Good excuse to go back again, when Robot is older. #CountryKids

  2. It does look beautiful, I love being by the sea. But, my goodness, what a scare you had. I’d have been in a real panic. I’m glad you managed to get back to safety. I love your selfie 🙂

  3. I LOVE Tintagel but not done it with toddlers, and I know I shouldn’t but I love those hairy moments when you’re not quite sure if the sea is with you or not! Great adventure! Mary Stewart wrote a great trilogy about Merlin with some evocative descriptions of Tintagel. #CountryKids

  4. I’m glad you managed to get out and enjoy the Cornish Coast whilst you were here visiting, you picked two fantastic spots to explore. I love walking along the cliffs at Tintagel, it’s a shame you didn’t make it to the castle though, there are some beautiful views from there. Trebarwith is beautiful as well, it’s good you managed to get off of the beach in time though, you’re not the first guest to have almost been caught out.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.
    Coombe Mill – Fiona recently posted…Country Kids 25th February 2017My Profile

  5. Oh I am fascinated by the legend of Arthur and Merlin. I didn’t know there was a cave so I totally want to go there now!!! You were good for staying calm with the tide coming in too. I would have panicked I think but you’ve clearly got very well honed mum instincts now!

    I really love the coastline down around Swanage and Sandbanks. We have stayed on Brownsea Island a few times and it’s one of my absolute favourite places.

    Angela Watling recently posted…What Little H did – 2.1 yearsMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      I’d love to go to Brownsea just for the Baden Powell first camp reference to it as that’s who my son is named after. Scouty/Girlguide nerd here!! One day

  6. Your pictures are fab. I’ve never been to Cornwall but I’d love to one day. You can’t beat going to the beach on a windy winter’s day sometimes to blow the cobwebs away. I totally would have panicked with the tide coming in!

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