All Things Change on the #FamilyFunLinky

Welcome to #FamilyFunLinky Week 47

Family Fun is for all bloggers of all shapes and sizes. A supportive little community to share anything you want.  Link up any 2 blog posts and we look forward to having a read!

We hope you had a wonderful summer holiday?   We really appreciated the #FamilyFun break the last few weeks.   It gave us time to cook up a few changes.  Yes today is Monday!  We’ve moved our linky to run all day Monday to Wednesday, no real rhyme or reason but we felt we’d like to try it out!!  See I washed over that bit easily… The biggest and most exciting change is that Alana from Burnished Chaos is joining us as a 3rd host on #FamilyFun.  Whenever I’ve seen linkys grab a 3rd host I’ve often thought why?   We have a good reason.

You may or not remember me mentioning, I’ve certainly not shouted about it but we at the Two Tiny Household are expecting our 2nd child very soon.  I’ve got great respect to all the bloggers out there that have continued to blog about pregnancy during their pregnancy.  Looking after the Robot while being pregnant has been one of the hardest most exhausting challenges I’ve taken on, my blog has been the last thing on my mind preferring sleep over everything else.

This is where Alana comes in to the #Family Fun mix, a fabulous regular linker to #FamilyFun we asked if she’d like to join us as a host to take over from me so I can absorb myself in the baby stages of being new Mum again.  I’m summoning all my last and final energy to get through the last few weeks of #FamilyFun to week 52 then Alana and Sarah will go it alone for a couple if not a few months while I sit back and watch (ignore)!

We’ll be balancing the #FamilyFun workload between us until then so that there is only ever 2 hosts running the link up each week.  We will point you in the right direction as to who is running the link up so you don’t get lost.   Have you spotted our new badge?   Well make sure you grab the new badge for your posts or side bars!

Lastly we’re also saying goodbye to the #FamilyFun vote. We felt that even though it was an interesting feature, not many of you ever came back to vote so it wasn’t worth our time.  We’ll be keeping our featured posts so keep the amazing posts coming so we can award the featured badge with pride.

Robot in the wash basket

I can’t lead you into the link up without a stupid picture of my son, I swear it took a lot of effort to get him in the wash basket so I could take a photo.   He certainly didn’t stay in there that long…

On to the link up

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