The Wild Trail at Sizergh Castle

The Wild Trail – Sizergh Castle

A few of my friends have been mentioning the wild trail at Sizergh Castle is a great free place to go for families.  It was when Abi from the Baby Maze posted a review on her Facebook page with a how to get there and find it I thought we had to give it a go.

Based at the National Trust site of Sizergh Castle near Kendal the Lake District you can park for free (or donation), the entrance to the trail is at the top of the car park through a field.  We went on a busy day and ended it up in the overflow (field) car park that looks straight at the entrance so it was easy to spot!!

robot and dave at the start of the wild trail

Spoiler alert… I’ve included loads of pictures in this blog so you’ll see most of the interesting features if you carry on reading.   The trail is simple to navigate, there are wooden signs to point you in the right direction and clues as to what’s coming next. My favourite part of the trail has to be quite near the start where you have to go through the wall.  There is a handy stile to climb too if you’re not quite agile enough to climb through… (Think 7 months pregnant).

Dave is crawling through a tunnel in the wall

To be fair the Robot took great delight in climbing the stile and using the tunnel repeatedly until another family came round the corner.. As I said before there is loads of interesting features, wood carvings, things to climb and jump on.  It’s all a bit slippy in the mud so walking boots would be useful.     There are also a few obligatory dens to go sit in and make pretend fire.

The trail is great for bonding as a family.  The Robot enjoyed all the fun with Daddy, attacking sculptures, running ahead, coming back to get help up slopes.  The trail reminds me very much of the Kendal Serpentine Alphabet Trail, which now the Robot is older I’d quite like to go back to.

Dave lifting robot up to touch and spin a spider

The end of the trail leaves some surprise rope swinging, I imagine that it gets pretty busy at times as they’ve installed a bench to watch.  It was good fun to watch them playing on it!

Dave swinging robot on the rope swing

This is great for little people.  I imagine if you went with big kids you’ll run round the trail within 30 minutes but we were there a good hour or more.  All the dens to play in meant we got plenty of stops.   As a simple free activity it’s great.   Not that we have an issue with the Robot, afterall he’s an outdoor child, but this kind of trail is a definite no brainer for getting a walk and fresh air without the complaining.

Do you know any more trails like this?  They are hidden gems and we need to shout about them!!







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