The Magic of Boobs

The Magic of Boobs

When I decided to choose to breastfeed I never actually realised how integeral my boobs would become in the every day life of my son.  It’s like I knew that I’d be feeding him my milk and that I’d do so for as long as he want’s I just hadn’t thought that they would be so important, almost magic.

The reason I was promted to write this blog was that the Robot fell off the sofa.  He’s 14 months now and is quite hardy with bumps and scrapes occuring ever day.  I can’t prevent this happening, he’s a boy and he LOVES to CLIMB EVERYTHING!  Today we were innocently playing on the sofa together, like we always do, and he fell off backwards with an almighty bump.

There was that 1 second silence before the squeal of distress happened.  He was in tears and squealing the house down bless him.  Cuddles on their own were not easing the pain.  This is when I resorted to the boob!  Yes I offered my breast and he took it a few sucks later and he started to calm down.   It is pure magic.

It got me thinking about how magical boobs really are.

Karen feeding robot outside

The giver of food

They produce the nourishment for our babies from the day they are born.  Milk on tap, no heating up no washing up, no mess.  If you want to be fed all you have to do is latch on, no fussing.   It really has saved me a lot of time in the early months.

Sleep inducers

This is one that I doubt myself with all the time.  It works though so I am inclined to do this as long as it works… They make the baby go to sleep!  The Robot still feeds to sleep, we curl up on the toddler bed together and he feeds, he falls asleep, I transfer him to his cot.  In the early days the transfer wasn’t possible, the warmness of Mummy rocked and that meant sleepy cuddles.  Bonus!

Pain relievers

The fall off the sofa hasn’t been the Robots only accident.  He’s a little monkey really but having the ability to whip out a boob to calm his woes is pretty magical!top hat and wand

The distractors

There are times when the Robot just wants to play with something that isn’t his.  Sometimes this just means that he’ll climb on or over me to get to his prize.  A bit of a struggle later and he spots my top, and then it’s all about the boob.  This then gives me time to hide said object behind the sofa while he gets MILK!

The silencers

Who was it that said silence was golden?   There are those occasions when you have a screaming child where you need them to be quiet. I’m talking baby cinema.  Boobs are amazing at baby cinema, not only do they keep the baby quiet the dark atmosphere also makes them fall asleep, see above.  It has certainly made my parent cinema going experience worth it!

The comforter

A little bit of Mummy love and a cuddle on the boob really does cure all including just feeling a bit low.

Basically Boobs for babies are amazing and if you choose to breastfeed I can assure you that you will find it absolubtly magic.   I hope those of you that couldn’t breastfeed or chose not to have found the magic elsewhere?   I am sure you have because the love for our babies is a magic unlike no other.

How do you find the magic?

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  1. Yesssssss!!!!
    I love this post sooo much! I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my boobs. Seriously, haha.
    I mean, they really are everything to my son. He’s now 17 months old, and they’re still just as good at comforting! They heal teething pain, and I conducted a professional phone conversation thanks to my toddler being silenced by the boob! Pure magic, is definitely what they are. Haha, thanks for sharing! <3

  2. I agree – boobs ARE magic! I’m still breastfeeding the Popple at 15 months and don’t plan to stop until she’s ready. I was really grateful to have boobs as a tool when she was sick a few weeks ago – not only did they provide her with comfort when she was feeling unwell, but they gave her nourishment when she didn’t want to eat. Hurrah for boobs! #FamilyFun
    Squirmy Popple recently posted…10 terrible gifts for a baby boyMy Profile

  3. Oh my this is so true! I really struggled with breastfeeding and my baby wasn’t putting weight on so I had to supplement with formula. I kept breastfeeding alongside mainly because I was devestated and was clinging onto it and I’m so glad I did now for all the above reasons! #familyfun
    Claire recently posted…There’s poo on the rugMy Profile

  4. Yup boobs are brilliant! Haha. I fed both my girls to sleep every night and they eventually weaned themselves off it (one was 16mth, one was 18mth) and because they’d weaned themselves, they were quite happy to go to sleep without it then. So don’t worry about feeding them to sleep if it works for you. It was always a really special time for us and I was sad when it was over #FamilyFun
    Lucy At Home recently posted…Bloggers Bluff #03: The Less-Refined MindMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Thanks Lucy that is ver reassuring to know that feeding to sleep doesn’t turn into a long and living nightmare!! I love my special little night time moments though but everynow and then 2am is just tough!!

  5. YES to all of these. I breastfed both my children for as long as they wanted it but now they are 4 and 2 and no longer breastfeed. Sometimes though when things like this happen or when they wake up unconsolable in the middle of the night I really wish I could use the magic of boobs again. #familyfun
    Pat – White camellias recently posted…Homemade HummusMy Profile

  6. It’s so true, they really are magic! I discovered this the first time round with my daughter, they really did give her so much comfort alongside the nourishment of course. Second time round they work just as well, although I am more careful about feeding this little one to sleep and letting him use it for comfort all time like I did the first time round as I gave us both some really bad habits! That said, they are pretty amazing 🙂 Emily #FamilyFun

    1. isntitpretty

      Its an interesting perspective on it from a 2nd child POV. It’s great that you are able to adapt to a way of working having learnt from your first. They really are comforting though aren’t they!

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  8. Definitely magic. I was fortunate to be able to successfully establish breast feeding and it was a miracle to know that I had food for my LO whenever I needed it. It didn’t calm her quite as much as others experienced though. It did help make her sleeping but I avoided using it to get her to sleep because she’d wake-up crying a few hours later because she’d forgotten where she was! #FamilyFun
    Angela Watling recently posted…30 Days Blogging – Day 6: Something I’m Proud OfMy Profile

  9. Yay for boobies! I think the best thing about breastfeeding for me was how they worked like magic when I little one was ill. Don’t worry about feeding to sleep, I stressed about it too, but my baby self weaned at 18 months and for the last few months stopped feeding to sleep and just settled herself at bedtime.

  10. Oh yes, there is sometimes when only the magic ‘boo boo’ will do…when my youngest was seriously ill the boob was our saviour, especially when he had to go for an operation and breastfeeding meant I could feed him 3 hours before the op, rather than solids or milk which was 6 hours…he would have gone mental without food for that long! #FamilyFun
    Andrea @ Topsy Turvy Tribe recently posted…The Boy That Never Slept ThroughMy Profile

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