The Long Game

I need to keep telling myself about the long game. Everything I am working towards is my long game goal. The reason I blog, the reason I create, the reason I make. The Long Game.

What am I going on about I hear you ask? The time when my kids no longer need me. I hope they’ll always need me to some extent but what I mean is the time when they go off to school, that time when I am suddenly thrust back into the world of not looking after kids 24/7. Six hours of school time for me to be me!

It’s something Dave and I discuss a lot and where the idea of me going back to work is there, I don’t want to. I may feel differently in four years time but I want something for me. Where I can always be ready, there for my children if they are sick, there to pick them up, be there in the holidays. I don’t want to work for someone else, I want to work for me.

Today I was going to write an exciting blog post about the launch of my etsy shop. I changed my mind last night and wrote this instead. I felt really low, not motivated to do anything. Not like me at all. I sat and played with fabric scraps, trying to figure out what was wrong.

Doing too much! Losing sight of the long game and trying to do it all now. Now when I’m awake in the middle of the night feeding CABS, now when my little Robot wants to play trains, now when I should just be being present.

I get carried away. If you’ve been over on Instagram recently you will have seen my quilt designs I’ve been doing for fun with Sandra from MMMquilts. Here are some of my designs:

some quilt designs in sketch

I got hooked on the next creation and people telling me to make them, telling me they’d like to make them, see them published. The reality is I am no expert at quilting and patchwork. I know full well I’ll be able to do it and work it out. What I don’t have is time!

I wish I had more time for the things I want to achieve in my long game but I don’t. It can all wait, I need to keep sight of the little people who need me now. Making quilts can wait, designs can wait, magazines can wait. Keep my 2018 goal in sight.

My etsy shop is exciting for me but I am going to have to fill it slowly. See it grow until maybe one day I’ll make a sale. Not sell out my time by undervaluing my work.  Not killing my time by trying to make too much.

Keeping the Long Game in sight.

There is no rush to do anything.  These can wait:

some quilt designs in scetch


If you want to see all my quilt designs on instagram click here.

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