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#FamilyFunLinky Week 82

Family Fun is for all bloggers of all shapes and sizes. A supportive little community to share anything you want.  Link up any 2 blog posts and we look forward to having a read!

Welcome to another week on Family Fun, head on over to Sarah  and Alana this week for the link up.  Before you go though I just want to add an important message…   STOP LINK DROPPING!  The link up community is such an important friendly community and our regular weekly linkers are very valued, these are the people who give their time to comment on each other posts and share a little love between each other.  You know who you are and we are really sorry if you have been linking recently and not been getting the love back you deserve because of a few inconsiderate LINK DUMPERS!

TO THE LINK DUMPERS – We know who you are, we are watching you.  PLEASE add our BADGE to your linked blog post and COMMENT on the blogs that are required as part of the RULES.  Shouty text and all… If we continue to see this happening we will delete your posts off the link up and ban your email address from linking up with no warning.  We don’t want your actions to impact on the people who deserve the correct interaction from Family Fun.

Thank you.

#ABC123Challenge The Letter T

the letter T dice

Time to move on from my shouty Family Fun messages to this week of the abc123challenge. I can’t quite believe we are on the letter T.  Head over to the hashtag to see what else everyone is coming up with.  I’m starting to get fatigue on the challenge now and am looking forward to the end.  I shall persist though as I want to make the end.  Thank you for joining in each week!!


On to the link up

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Two Tiny Hands

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