The Keepsake Sew Along

Hands up, who has a stash of old baby clothes squirreled away somewhere labelled “must make a keepsake quilt for my child”. Inevitably that’s going to say by the time their 18, by the time their married, for their newborn, and so on… Well I do and I promised myself that I would start the Robots in 2018. Did I? Nope of course not! The Keepsake Sew Along might just be for you…

Keepsake sew along teddy

The Keepsake Sew Along

Accountability my friends, a sew along of relaxed proportions, one where as long as you are doing it, starting it, continuing to get it done I’ll be happy.

We’re starting off in January with a slow introductions month. Nobody likes to start something in January, that stamps fail right there! We will be playing over on Instagram where the main sew along will take place, under the hashtag #keepsakesewalong. Click it, Follow it.

The main focus on this sew along is progress, not how. There is no set “thing” to sew, no set rules. Just do. I know I mentioned baby clothes and quilts at the start but this is for any keepsake, it just has to be something you’ve been meaning to make for ages with something special to you.

January and the Introductions Month

I’ll set you straight each week on Instagram but so you can plan, here are January’s prompts.

Week 1 7-13th Jan

Hello, Who Are you? Show us you, tell us about yourself, your sewing history, interesting facts and so on.

Week 2 14-20th Jan

Show us your keepsake material, a bit of explanation never goes amiss

Week 3 21st-27th Jan

What are you planning on making?  Do you have a pattern in mind or are you making it up?

Week 4 28th Jan – 3rd Feb

Got any questions? Need any help? Now is the time to ask your fellow participants.

Depending on what we’re making and who’s joining in this sew along is going to last 6 months which I hope is long enough to finish our makes. It seems a long time but when planning out what I’d like to make I’ve given my self small manageable tasks each month. I will share these with you as I go.

Now, everyone loves an incentive so I’m pledging to do a monthly giveaway to those of us joining in of one of my miniature handmade teddies (pictured above). Made from your keepsake fabric or not, they are adorable and I love them. All you have to do to enter:

  1. join in by posting a photo with the weekly prompt or progress.
  2. add the hashtag #keepsakesewalong
  3. Follow me and tag me in @twotinymakes

Your profile needs to be public to count and each picture during the month counts as an entry. I’ll pick an entry out the hat at the end of the month and I will announce the winner on my monthly update on my blog.  Easy.

I can’t wait to get started and to see everyone’s plans!  If you are joining in or have any questions please just drop me a comment below.

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