The G round up

It went cold again last weekend so our adventures were more indoor and train based. Lots of trains. Once again this week has flown by. Dave has been really busy so its been a full on week with both the kiddies keeping me entertained.

Each week I try and theme my round up title with the letter of the week for the #ABC123Challenge and it’s so hard!  So much so in my haste I’ve settled on the G Round up because my brain has not got the mental capacity to go beyond the word “Great!”

Oh well, on to the round up:

The Happy Bits

A moment to reflect on the week gone by and all the happy moments that have happened.

– Having cuddles in bed. The Robot is a total bed invader at the moment and he arrived one morning when I was feeding CABS. We had all the cuddles together as the three of us. It was just nice.

– We had caught the train into town to go to the juice cafe, aka a chocolate bar milkshake with copious amounts of cream. We chanced onto an event being run by the university where we spent a good hour getting to build and play with things.

dave and robot building

robot playing with a giant ball

– Cold again on Sunday we decided to catch the train again but in the other direction. We ended up in a lovely pub in Ulverston eating lots of delicious food. Catching the train places does make things an adventure!

cabs and karen on the train

– It was the time of the month for the Mini Stompers play group. It is such good fun getting to hang out in the woods with loads of other children for a couple of hours. We managed to avoid the cold wind by playing in a dip!

– Random Cafe Picnics – having snack time in “Cafe picnic” in the lounge is one of my favourite ways to snack with the Robot. He suggested it this time so it makes it fun.

– Baby CABS slept a whole night, once, I’ve now upgraded her into her cot rather than in the bassenet so she is doing some real middle of the night wriggling around!

baby cabs in her cot

– Another great outdoor play group at the RSPB nature reserve – Nature Tots. We caught the train to it which makes it more exciting for the littles. We went with one of Robots friends so they had fun running around together.

robot digging

– The generosity of friends and a handy little app.  I left my purse at home when I visited the sling library.  First time since being a Mum, I’ve done well.  Thankfully my car had enough fuel and I can pay for parking by phone.  One of my friends offered to loan me cash but thankfully the cafe let me have an extended tab till next week.  Few!

That’s all for this week.  We’ve got a fun family packed weekend ahead. How about you?

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